'The Possession' Shatters Expectations; 'Lawless' Looks Healthy

on September 01, 2012 by Phil Contrino

4-Day Estimates:

The Possession: $20 million
Lawless: $12.5 million
The Expendables 2: $11 million
The Bourne Legacy: $9.2 million
ParaNorman: $9.0 million
2016: Obama's America: $7.8 million
The Odd Life of Timothy Green: $7.7 million
The Dark Knight Rises: $7.5 million
The Campaign: $6.8 million
Hope Springs: $6 million
Premium Rush: $4.9 million

With $6.05 million in the bank on Friday, The Possession will easily win the 4-Day holiday weekend. The Lionsgate release is clearly benefiting from the fact that Warner Bros. decided to give the The Apparition a weak roll out last weekend. Horror fans have been neglected this summer and now The Possession is giving them what they craved. Unfortunately, a 67% combined approval rating from more than 13,000 Flixster users does not bode well for the film's staying power.

Lawless managed $2.75 million on Friday. More than 17,800 Flixster users have combined to give the gangster flick a solid 83% approval rating.

Additional reporting by Daniel Garris.

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