$65.65 Million for ‘Argo’ in Three Weeks

on November 02, 2012 by Daniel Garris

Warner's Argo grossed $1.32 million on Thursday to lead the daily box office for a tenth consecutive day. The acclaimed film directed by and starring Ben Affleck was down 9 percent from its Halloween day performance on Wednesday and down only 1 percent from last Thursday. That places the film in a great position to hold up well once again over the weekend. Argo was the week's top film with a weekly take of $17.23 million and has now grossed $65.65 million in three weeks thanks in part to very strong word of mouth.

After taking a hit on Halloween, Warner's Cloud Atlas rebounded a bit on Thursday. The pricey film from the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer was up 4 percent and four spots from Wednesday to take second with $0.84 million. For the week, Cloud Atlas placed in second with a seven-day start of $13.01 million. That was quite disappointing given the film's price-tag and places the film 21 percent behind the $16.51 million one-week start of last year's In Time.

Fall blockbusters Taken 2 and Hotel Transylvania claimed third and fourth place respectively on Thursday. Fox's Taken 2 was down 2 percent from its Halloween day performance to gross $0.68 million, while Hotel Transylvania was down 26 percent from Halloween to gross $0.61 million. To date, Taken 2 has grossed $119.67 million in four weeks and Hotel Transylvania has grossed $133.07 million in five weeks.

A day after experiencing Halloween bumps, horror films Paranormal Activity 4, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and Sinister all came back down to Earth on Thursday. Paramount's Paranormal Activity 4 fell 44 percent to round out the day's top five with $0.58 million, Silent Hill: Revelation fell 36 percent to take sixth with $0.53 million and Sinister fell 49 percent to finish in ninth with $0.43 million. Respective total grosses stand at $45.28 million in two weeks for Paranormal Activity 4, at $41.54 million in three weeks for Sinister and at just $10.595 million for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D in one week.

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