'A Good Day to Die Hard' Edges Past 'Identity Thief' and 'Safe Haven'

on February 18, 2013 by Daniel Garris

Fox's A Good Day to Die Hard debuted in first place this weekend with an estimated $29.3 million over the four-day frame. After a very solid $8.24 million Valentine's Day start on Thursday, the action sequel starring Bruce Willis was down a surprising 13 percent on Friday, which ultimately led to this weekend's three-way race at the box office being much closer than anticipated. A Good Day to Die Hard did recover nicely on Saturday by increasing 41 percent over Friday, though the film's overall performance this weekend was still lower than widely expected nonetheless. A Good Day to Die Hard has grossed $37.54 million in its first five days. That is 3 percent softer than the $38.72 million 5-day start of 2008's Jumper and an underwhelming 22 percent softer than the $48.40 million 5-day start of 2007's Live Free or Die Hard. A Good Day to Die Hard received a B+ rating on CinemaScore.

Fortunately, A Good Day to Die Hard was far stronger overseas this weekend. The film grossed $61.5 million from 63 foreign markets, which brings the film's overseas total to $80.1 million through Sunday. Key overseas debuts this weekend included $7.6 million in the United Kingdom, $6.8 million in Japan, $6.7 million in Russia, $6.4 million in Germany and $3.2 million in Mexico.

Despite four new wide releases entering the marketplace this weekend, Universal's Identity Thief was able to hold up quite nicely with an estimated second place four-day take of $28.0 million. The R-rated comedy starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy continues to prove that it's critic proof, as it fell just 19 percent from last weekend's stronger than expected three-day debut. Identity Thief has grossed a healthy $75.29 million through eleven days of release. That places the film 17 percent ahead of the $64.14 million eleven-day start of 2011's Just Go with It and 21 percent ahead of the $62.01 million eleven-day take of 2007's Norbit.  While Identity Thief couldn't quite catch A Good Day to Die Hard this weekend, it obviously had the far more impressive performance of the two given that it's in its second weekend of release (and was far less expensive as well).

After debuting in first place on Valentine's Day with $8.83 million, Relativity's Safe Haven fell to third over the holiday weekend with an estimated four-day take of $25.17 million. That Safe Haven lost momentum after Valentine's Day came as no surprise and in the bigger picture the film is still performing well thus far. The romantic drama starring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough has grossed $34.0 million in its first five days. That is 18 percent stronger than the $28.73 million five-day take of 2008's Step Up 2 the Streets and 1.5 percent softer than the $34.52 million five-day start of 2010's Dear John. The audience breakdown for Safe Haven skewed heavily towards female moviegoers (71 percent) and towards moviegoers under 25 (68 percent). The film received a solid B+ rating on CinemaScore.

Escape From Planet Earth exceeded its modest expectations with an estimated fourth place four-day start of $21.04 million. The lower profile 3D computer animated film from The Weinstein Company clearly received an added boost from being the first real option for family audiences to be released in 2013. Escape From Planet Earth opened 25 percent stronger than the $16.88 million four-day start of 2006's Hoodwinked. Escape From Planet Earth also received a B+ rating on CinemaScore.

Meanwhile, Warner's Beautiful Creatures was off to a very rough start this weekend. The adaptation of the young adult fantasy novel debuted in a disappointing sixth place over the four-day frame with an estimated $8.93 million. The five-day total for Beautiful Creatures stands at just $11.47 million. Clearly, Beautiful Creatures lost out in a big way to Safe Haven with teenage girls this weekend, and the film even debuted below the $10.25 million third weekend performance of Lionsgate's Warm Bodies. Beautiful Creatures received a B rating on CinemaScore and marks the second disappointment for Warner Bros. within the past three weeks (joining the recent Bullet to the Head). As was the case with Safe Haven, the audience breakdown for Beautiful Creatures skewed towards female moviegoers (67 percent) and moviegoers under 25 (57 percent).

As mentioned, Warm Bodies took fifth place over the weekend. The PG-13 zombie comedy fell only 10 percent from last weekend's three-day frame, which was very impressive when considering the film faced new direct competition from both Safe Haven and Beautiful Creatures. Warm Bodies passed the $50 million mark on Sunday and has grossed $51.47 million through 18 days of release.

In other box office news, Warner's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will pass the $300 million mark today, while The Weinstein Company's Silver Linings Playbook is projected to hit the $100 million mark today. Respective domestic totals stand at $300.16 million for The Hobbit and at $100.00 million for Silver Linings Playbook.

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