'Jack the Giant Slayer' Wins A Slow Start to March; 'Identity Thief' Cracks $100 Million Domestically

on March 02, 2013 by Shawn Robbins

Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Slayer mowed down the competition on Friday with $7.71 million. The victory isn't without disappointment though as the big-budget flick won't even reach John Carter's $30.2 million debut last March. The comparable first weekend of March itself will also be far off that of last year's when The Lorax exploded with a $70.2 million opening. Jack the Giant Slayer is on pace for a $24.5 million debut weekend.

21 and Over didn't live up to the optimistic expectations behind it with a $3.34 million Friday take. That's significantly behind the $21.1 million opening of Project X one year ago this weekend. The debauchery comedy could reach $9.4 million for it's three-day opening.

Also living down to expectations this weekend will be The Last Exorcism Part II. After the first film broke out in late summer 2010 (and was met with lukewarm word of mouth), its sequel pulled only $3.25 million yesterday. With that figure, Part II is projected to open with $8.4 million this weekend--comparable to last week's Dark Skies, but down more than 55 percent from the opening of the first Last Exorcism.

One of the few notable successes this year continues to perform well: Identity Thief crossed the $100 million domestic threshold on Friday with a $2.7 million estimated take. We're projecting a $9.5 million fourth weekend for the comedy hit, representing a solid drop of just over 32 percent from last weekend.

Openers from last week had decidedly different holds this weekend. Dwayne Johnson carried Snitch to a very modest opening last week, but mostly positive word of mouth seems to be kicking in. The result was a $2.1 million second Friday gross, putting it on pace for a $7.5 million weekend--a decent 43 percent decline from its debut.

Meanwhile, Dark Skies toppled by nearly 65 percent from last Friday to $1.088 million yesterday. Its second weekend is projected to come in at $3.4 million.

Additional reporting by Daniel Garris.

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