'Monsters University' and 'World War Z' Remain Strong on Monday

on June 25, 2013 by Daniel Garris

Disney's Monsters University took in $11.02 million on Monday to lead the daily box office for a fourth consecutive day. The computer animated prequel from Pixar was down 53 percent from Sunday's performance. In comparison, 2011's Cars 2 fell 59 percent on its first Monday to gross $6.96 million, while 2010's Toy Story 3 fell 51 percent to take in $15.61 million. Monsters University has grossed $93.45 million in just four days. That is on the high end of pre-release expectations and means that the film will surpass the $100 million domestic mark today. Monsters University is currently running 28 percent stronger than the $73.09 million four-day start of Cars 2 and 26 percent behind the $125.91 million four-day take of Toy Story 3.

World War Z held steady in second place with $7.68 million. Paramount's expensive Brad Pitt vehicle was down 59 percent from Sunday. That represented a stronger first-Monday percentage hold than that of last year's Prometheus, which fell 62 percent to gross $5.20 million. World War Z is exceeding expectations with a four-day start of $74.09 million and is set to surpass the $80 million mark today. The film is currently running an impressive 32 percent stronger than the $56.25 million four-day start of Prometheus; a comparison that strongly suggests World War Z won't have any problem surpassing the $150 million domestic mark (especially since early holding power has been stronger for World War Z).

Warner's Man of Steel placed in third with $4.54 million. The superhero franchise re-launch was down 64 percent from Sunday, which represented the day's poorest daily hold among wide releases. Man of Steel was down a sharp 64 percent from last Sunday, as the film has yet to show signs of recovery from the strong one-two punch it has taken from Monsters University and World War Z. Man of Steel has grossed $214.62 million to date, which places the film 27 percent behind the $295.27 million last year's The Dark Knight Rises had grossed through its second Monday.

Sony's This Is The End and Lionsgate's Now You See Me continued to hold up nicely on Monday, as both crowd-pleasers fell 54 percent from Sunday. This Is the End placed in fourth with $1.99 million and crossed the $60 million mark in the process. Meanwhile, Now You See Me rounded out the day's top five with $1.11 million and with a 25-day take of $95.56 million is now just $4.44 million away from reaching the $100 million domestic milestone. Respective percentage declines from last Monday were 42 percent for This Is The End and just 26 percent for Now You See Me.

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