'The Conjuring' Topples A-List Efforts

on July 20, 2013 by Phil Contrino

Who needs A-list actors and special effects? The Conjuring is set to easily win the weekend without the burden of stars who demand massive salaries and expensive visual touches. WB reports that the horror flick took in a healthy $17 million on Friday. BoxOffice projects that the fright flick will grab $40 million before the weekend is through. That easily trumps the $34 million debut of The Purge, another a horror movie that shattered expectations. 

According to Fox, Turbo roped in $6.5 million on Friday, pushing its three-day haul to $16.2 million. BoxOffice projects that the animated flick will grab a modest $21 million from Friday-Sunday, which will put it at around $30.7 million over its first five days of release. Turbo has two weeks to rebound from this slow start before it will face tough competition from Sony's The Smurfs 2

Universal's R.I.P.D. took in only $4.8 million on Friday, which puts it on pace for a paltry $12.2 million during its debut frame. July is turning out to be the home of this summer's biggest disappointments. First came Lone Ranger, then Pacific Rim--mainly just a domestic disappointment--and now R.I.P.D. 

Red 2 snagged $6.34 million on Friday. The sequel should end up with $18 million this weekend, which represents a small drop from the $21.7 million that Red managed back in 2010. 

On a positive note for Universal, Despicable Me 2 is on pace to to gross $24.4 million this weekend after snagging $7.5 million on Friday. That will push the animated flick past $275 million in North America.

Grown Ups 2 and Pacific Rim are both set to experience substantial drops during their sophomore frames. Grown Ups 2 managed $6.4 million on Friday compared to $4.7 million for Pacific Rim

The Way, Way Back is performing very well after expanding to more than 300 theaters this weekend. The coming-of-age tale is tale is on pace for just over $2 million after posting $616K on Friday. The Fox Searchlight release will expand to 650+ locations next weekend. 


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