'Bad Grandpa' Ends the Reign of 'Gravity' on Friday with Solid $12.62 Million

on October 26, 2013 by Shawn Robbins

Paramount reports that Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa bagged an estimated $12.62 million on Friday (including $1.4 million from Thursday night sneaks). While down considerably from the $22 million opening day of Jackass 3-D three Octobers ago, that figure is still healthy and in line with Jackass Number Two's $11.8 million first day back in 2006. For the weekend, BoxOffice expects Bad Grandpa to bring in $30.0 million.

Several factors are contributing to the drop-off from 2010's most recent franchise sequel. Namely, the plot-driven spin-off angle with Grandpa didn't interest audiences as much as the straight-up antics for which the Jackass crew have become known for over the years. While Johnny Knoxville is undoubtedly the brand's star, the lack of his entire supporting crew didn't help either. In addition, unlike the 2010 threequel, Bad Grandpa was not released in 3D--bumping down potential grosses this time. Lastly, July's relatively late release announcement resulted in unusually modest social media activity all the way up to release. All of that being said, Bad Grandpa is still a victory for Paramount with the comedy's low budget. Early word of mouth appears solid with a 78 percent Flixster score as of this morning, putting in the same general company of previous Jackass flicks.

After a 3-weekend reign in first place, including 21 consecutive days on top (the most of any film since The Dark Knight Rises accomplished the same feat last year), Gravity eased into second place with $6.16 million yesterday--off a solid 32 percent from the same day last week. To date, the space phenom has amassed $185.67 million. That puts it 33 percent ahead of the pace of The Blind Side, and 13.5 percent behind where Inception stood after 22 days. Friday's gross included $1.43 million from IMAX (down 30 percent from last Friday), which upped Gravity's box office cume in the large screen format to $41.7 million.

Captain Phillips added $3.625 million on Friday, a week-to-week drop of only 29 percent. The Tom Hanks-led thriller's domestic gross cleared the $60 million threshold in the process (now sitting at $61.9 million), or about 8.5 percent behind The Departed at the same point in its 2006 release. BoxOffice is projecting a $12.0 million third weekend for Phillips.

This weekend's other new release came in significantly behind the pack. The Counselor tallied $3.2 million on Friday and is projected to pull $9 million for the weekend. Ridley Scott's thriller failed to generate commercial interest in large part due to the fact that adult crowds have their hands full with Gravity and Captain Phillips as is--a reality that also recently sunk Runner Runner. The marketing campaign also did little in the way of giving moviegoers a clear idea of what the film was about, instead relying on ads that pimped out the high profile names of the cast instead of the pic's story. Reviews and word of mouth are in the cellar, too, with only 36 percent of Rotten Tomatoes critics approving of the film and 40 percent of Flixster users still giving it a vote of confidence--both well below the levels of Scott's Body of Lies, which similarly disappointed with its October 2008 opening weekend of $12.9 million.

Sony's Carrie remake took in $1.95 million on Friday for a sharp drop of 70 percent from its opening day last week. By comparison, last year's Sinister slid 60 percent on its second Friday. The overlap between Carrie's audience and that of Bad Grandpa may be at play in the large decline, while Halloween could help the former to recover slightly in the days ahead. The horror flick's domestic total is now $22.07 million. Look for Carrie to end up with $6 million over its sophomore weekend.

Expanding into 123 theaters this weekend, 12 Years a Slave earned $0.62 million on Friday, a 126 percent increase from last Friday when the critically lauded drama debuted to $0.274 million in 19 theaters. The increase is somewhat similar to the 152 percent jump No Country for Old Men enjoyed on its second Friday when it expanded into 148 theaters back in 2007, however, 12 Years' per-theater-average is lower at $5,041 (versus No Country's comparable day of $6,014) despite playing in fewer theaters throughout its debut so far. For the weekend, 12 Years a Slave is projected to add $2.1 million. While Steve McQueen's film is showing early signs that a wide mainstream audience may be hard to find in the coming weeks, it's a long road ahead with Oscar season and its potential benefits still to come. In the mean time, we're keeping expectations reserved going into the film's wide expansion on November 1.

Additional reporting by Daniel Garris

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