Opening Day for 'The Boss' ($8.1 Million) Dethrones 'Batman v Superman' ($6.05M); 'Zootopia' ($3.5M) Leads 'Hardcore Henry' Bow ($2.0M)

on April 09, 2016 by BoxOffice Staff

Melissa McCarthy's The Boss dethroned Batman v Superman from the top spot on Friday as the former took in an estimated $8.082 million opening day. By comparison, that's 21.5 percent below the $10 million opening day of last summer's Spy, but is also ahead of many pre-release expectations. Unfortunately, reviews are in the cellar and word of mouth appears lukewarm at best. Look for a healthy opening weekend in the realm of $23 million.

The aformentioned BvS added $6.045 million yesterday, down another sharp 60 percent from last Friday. With $279.3 million in the domestic bank through 15 days of release, the superhero flick is pacing 10 percent behind Iron Man 3 and just 6 percent ahead of Deadpool. BoxOffice projects a third weekend of $21.3 million.

Zootopia continues to hold strong as it eased 38 percent from last Friday to $3.476 million yesterday. With $285.14 million domestically so far, the animated blockbuster continues to thrive as it races toward the $300 million benchmark. Look for a weekend around $12.2 million.

STX's Hardcore Henry landed with $2.01 million on opening day Friday. With a 70 percent Flixster score this morning, action fans are digging it more than critics (53 percent). BoxOffice is projecting an opening weekend around $5.2 million.

Look for official weekend estimates from the studios here at BoxOffice on Sunday morning.

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