Weekly Anticipation Index: 'How to Train Your Dragon' and 'Clash of the Titans'

Featured Stories - on January 23, 2010 by Phil Contrino

How to Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans should do some serious damage this Spring.

UPDATED: It now looks as though Clash of the Titans will be released in 3D on April 2. An official announcement is expected soon.


This week, we've added How To Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans to our Anticipation Index. Both films are set to hit theaters on March 26.

Clash of the Titans certainly has the potential to post Summer numbers two months before Iron Man 2 kicks off what is bound to be a lucrative season. The star-studded cast of Titans is led by Sam Worthington, whose stock has risen considerably since the release of Avatar.

The trailer for Titans successfully displays the film's action scenes as well as its breathtaking special effects. It's also worth noting that Warner Bros. may still be sending Titans out in 3D. If that happens, then the film's financial prospects will look much stronger.

How to Train Your Dragon also shows a lot of promise. Last year, DreamWorks Animation released Monsters vs. Aliens on essentially the same day, and it eventually went on to rake in more than $370 million worldwide. Dragon doesn't boast the kind of impressive ensemble that M vs. A did, and that will limit its prospects slightly.

Check out our predictions for Clash of the Titans and How to Train Your Dragon as well as other films in the table below.

Weekly Anticipation Index, January 23, 2010
Title Release Date Distributor Opening Weekend Cumulative
Edge of Darkness January 29 Warner Bros. $24M $75M
When in Rome January 29 Disney $14M $42M
Dear John February 5 Screen Gems $19M $65M
From Paris with Love February 5 Lionsgate $14M $43M
Valentine's Day February 12 New Line $39M* $105M
The Wolfman February 12 Universal $25M* $60M
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief February 12 Fox 2000 $23M* $65M
Shutter Island February 19 Paramount $26M $80M
Cop Out February 26 Warner Bros. $17M $50M
Alice in Wonderland March 5 Disney $73M $215M
Green Zone March 12 Universal $27M $75M
Remember Me March 12 Summit $15M $35M
The Bounty Hunter March 19 Sony/Columbia $25M $73M
Season of the Witch March 19 Lionsgate $13M $33M
Hot Tub Time Machine March 19 MGM $12M $35M
Clash of the Titans March 26 Warner Bros. $60M $160M
How to Train Your Dragon March 26 DreamWorks Animation $45M $145M

*= four-day weekend

Additional reporting by Daniel Garris and Alex Edghill.

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