Facebook Analysis: 'Get Him to the Greek' Leads Newcomers in Growth

Featured Stories - on June 02, 2010 by Phil Contrino

Fan growth for Wednesday, June 2.

Get Him to the Greek was able to set itself apart from Killers, Splice and Marmaduke on Facebook today. The Universal release's most active page tallied a daily increase of 2,813 fans, giving it a total of 47,612. Greek has shown very promising growth the entire week, which is a strong indication that it will emerge ahead of its fellow newcomers at the box office.

While Killers has more fans than Greek, its daily increase was not nearly as high. The Lionsgate release's most active page tacked on 1,791 fans, for a total of 87,982. When it comes to pre-release fan counts, Killers does not hold up well compared to another female-skewing film: Letters to Juliet. Juliet had more than 225,000 fans on the Wednesday before it hit theaters, and the Summit release opened to $13.5 million. Perhaps moviegoers consider Killers to be an easy choice for a date movie instead of something they are truly passionate about going to see. Either way, don't expect Killers to perform much better than Juliet.

Splice and Marmaduke aren't showing much momentum at all. Splice saw a daily increase of only 292 fans, giving it a total 32,779. That's a weak number considering that horror enthusiasts are not shy about showing enthusiasm online. As for Marmaduke, it snagged only 58 new fans, giving it a paltry 2,128. Even though Marmaduke is aimed mainly at moviegoers who are too young to use Facebook, the lack of a healthy following is disconcerting.

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