Weekend Forecast: 'Nightcrawler', 'Saw (10th Anniversary)', & 'Before I Go to Sleep'

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oct31.pngOn the final weekend before the holiday movie season officially kicks off, three films aim to capture an audience beginning on Halloween Day.



- Jake Gyllenhaal has headlined a number of well-received thrillers in recent years, which could add some pedigree to this otherwise low-key flick.
- Social media buzz is solid across Twitter, Facebook, and Flixster, drawing comparable activity as John Wick.
- Early critical reviews are very encouraging.


- As the final weekend before two big releases open November next week, many audiences will likely avoid the theaters.
- Gyllenhaal himself isn't exactly an automatic ticket-seller.
- The dark and seedy concept will likely limit the film to cinephiles.

Saw (10th Anniversary)


- The re-issue's opening on Halloween itself should play well to fans of the new horror classic.
- The franchise boasts an impressive 18.4 million fans on Facebook.


- In the era of On-Demand, it's unlikely that anyone outside hardcore fans will bother paying to see this in theaters again (especially in the wake of Annabelle and Ouija).
- After the first few films, the franchise became watered down by sequels as franchise fatigue set in. It's probably too early to re-ignite excitement in the series.

Before I Go to Sleep


- Stars Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth bring some needed star names to this under-the-radar thriller.
- Twitter activity is respectable with over 17,000 tweets during the past week.


- Unfortunately, neither Kidman nor Firth are major draws in North America, and the glut of thrillers in the market right now will weigh this down.
- Facebook and Flixster buzz leave much to be desired. 

Check out our complete weekend forecast in the table below.

Title Release Date Distributor Weekend Domestic Total through Sunday, Nov. 2
Nightcrawler Oct 31, 2014 Open Road
$11,000,000 $11,000,000
John Wick Oct 24, 2014 Lionsgate / Summit
$8,400,000 $28,000,000
Ouija Oct 24, 2014 Universal
$8,300,000 $32,400,000
Fury (2014) Oct 17, 2014 Sony / Columbia
$8,200,000 $59,600,000
Gone Girl Oct 3, 2014 Fox
$7,300,000 $135,100,000
The Book of Life (2014) Oct 17, 2014 Fox
$6,500,000 $38,800,000
St. Vincent Oct 10, 2014 Weinstein Company
$4,900,000 $16,600,000
Saw (2014 re-issue) Oct 31, 2014 Lionsgate
$4,700,000 $4,700,000
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Oct 10, 2014 Disney
$4,500,000 $51,700,000
Birdman Oct 17, 2014 Fox Searchlight
$2,900,000 $5,400,000
Before I Go to Sleep Oct 31, 2014 Clarius Entertainment
$2,800,000 $2,800,000

Phil Contrino, Daniel Garris, Alex Edghill, and Shawn Robbins contributed to this report.

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