Facebook and Twitter Report: How Is 'John Carter' Doing?

on February 22, 2012

By Phil Contrino

John Carter doesn't hit theaters until March 9, but many people are already labeling it a financial disaster.

With a reported budget of $250 million, Disney's sci-fi flick needs to make a ton of cash to become profitable. That'll be difficult considering that star Taylor Kitsch isn't a reliable draw yet and director Andrew Stanton doesn't carry the same weight as James Cameron or Steven Spielberg (read: the kind of directors who are usually given $250 million budgets).

Even if Carter manages a strong opening, it'll face Lionsgate's The Hunger Games juggernaut on March 23. That does not bode well for the staying power of a film that's already being hit with plenty of negative buzz.

We know that film journalists are ready to stomp all over Carter, but what does the paying public think? Below, we compare John Carter's Facebook and Twitter activity to TRON: Legacy, another high-profile sci-fi flick from Disney. It's not pretty...

johncarterreport.pngJOHN CARTER

(Activity from 2/8/12-2/21/12)

Total Facebook Likes as of 2/21/12: 101,005

Increase in Facebook Likes since 2/8/12: 18,211

Total Tweets: 6,172


tronlegacyreport.jpgTRON: LEGACY

(Activity from 11/18/10-12/1/10)

Total Facebook Likes as of 12/1/10: 283,287

Increase in Facebook Likes since 11/18/10:

Total Tweets: 30,062

Opening weekend: $44 million


Note: We looked at each film during the same period in the release cycle.

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