Live From CinemaCon 2012: Martin Scorsese and Ang Lee Talk 3D

on April 25, 2012

caesarspalace.pngMartin Scorsese and Ang Lee sat down with THR's Todd McCarthy in the Octavius Ballroom of Caesars Palace to discuss the state of cinema in front of a lunch crowd at CinemaCon today.

Quotes from Scorsese:

On the filmmaking process: "It takes you about a half hour into a film to realize that you're crazy."

On how he approached technology while making Hugo: "I said, 'Let's push it and see what happens."

On friends complaining about 3D: "Some of the my friends complained to me about not being able to see depth. I said, 'Go see it in 2D. What do you want from me?"

On how 3D might have changed his previous films: "I would practically done everything after Raging Bull in 3D."

On light levels in theaters: "We all have to work together on this. Please show the films in the best possible light."

Quotes from Lee:

(note: Lee's next film, The Life of Pi, will be his first 3D release)

On adapting to 3D: "The learning curve is humongous. The biggest learning curve is that sometimes I forgot it was 3D. We are used to shooting in 2D. Our training in lighting and creating depth is in 2D.

On how other filmmakers will approach 3D: "Future filmmakers will learn it in school."

On light levels in theaters: [to exhibitors] "We really need your support."

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