UPDATED: 'Skyfall' Surpasses 'Avatar' for #1 All-Time in United Kingdom

on November 08, 2012


Wednesday (12/5) Update: Sony Pictures announced that through Tuesday, Skyfall has amassed $151,795,059 (£94.3 million) at the United Kingdom box office. That officially makes it the country's highest grossing film of all-time, surpassing Avatar (£94 million).

Thursday (11/8) Update: Skyfall has raked in a whopping £57.05 million ($91.9 million) through Tuesday in the UK. That puts it ahead of The Dark Knight Rises ($88.2 million) and The Avengers ($83.4 million). The total is also higher than Casino Royal's £55.6 million ($88 million) haul. 

Sunday (11/4) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall's international total is now $287 million after taking in $156 million this weekend.

Sony Pictures Releasing International passes its all time biggest year and is at $2.16 billion thru today. SPRI's previous best year ever was 2009 with $2.14 billion.

Stats from Sony:

GERMANY opened with a huge $23.9 million, which was the biggest opening of 2012, 77% bigger than the openining of Quantum of Solace and 88% bigger than Casino Royale.

ITALY launched with $7.9 million, which was the biggest opening of a Hollywood film in 2012 and the 2nd biggest overall. It beat the opening of Quantum by 95% and Casino by 85%.

SPAIN opened to $6.7 million, which is the 2nd biggest opening of the year behind the phenomenal The Impossible. It was 27% bigger than the opening of Quantum and 73% more than Casino.

SWITZERLAND had a record-setting opening of $5.3 million, the biggest opening in history there, breaking Quantum of Solace's old record.

HOLLAND opened with $4.4 million which was by far the biggest opening of the year there, almost 2 ½ times the previous best Dark Knight. The opening of Skyfall was 91% bigger than that of Quantum, 179% more than Casino.

AUSTRIA launched with a gigantic $3.4 million, more than double the previous biggest opening of 2012 (Ted), and the 2nd biggest opening of all time there behind Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King in 2003.

MEXICO bowed with $3.2 million, which was 40% bigger than the opening of Quantum of Solace and 151% bigger than Casino Royale.

In Asia, INDIA launched with a big $5.1 million, the 2nd biggest opening of the year there behind only The Amazing Spider-Man, beating the openings of the the #3 film Avengers by 20% and the #4 film Dark Knight by 41%. This opening was 60% bigger than Quantum's, 82% more than Casino's.

INDONESIA opened on a rare Thursday and grossed $2.5 million, outgrossing the normal Wednesday openings of Quantum by 93% and Casino by almost 4 times. It was the #3 opening of the year there behind The Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers.

MALAYSIA also bowed with $2.5 million and like Indonesia was the 3rd biggest opening of the year behind the same films. This was 45% bigger than Quantum's opening frame, 160% more than Casino's.

TAIWAN also launched with $2.5 million, here the 2nd biggest opening of the year behind Avengers, 69% bigger than Quantum and more than 5 times the opening of Casino. SINGAPORE opened to $2.3, the 4th best opening of 2012 behind Avengers, Spider-Man, and Dark Knight. This opening beat those of Quantum by 77% and Casino by 117%.

The PHILIPPINES launched with $1.9 million, 44% bigger than the opening of Quantum, 3 times the opening of Casino. HONG KONG also opened to $1.9 with an 80% market share, besting the opening of Quantum by 59%, Casino by 3 times.

THAILAND launched with $1.8 million and an 83% market share, 13% bigger than the opening of Quantum, 34% bigger than Casino.

20+ smaller markets all opened well, bigger than any of the previous James Bond films.

Holdovers were nothing less than stunning. The UK fell off just 21% from its opening weekend to gross $25.7 million and bring the 10-day market cume to jaw-dropping $85.8 million.
FRANCE added $14.3 million in its 2nd frame to bring the market cume to $30.0, already passing the lifetime of Casino Royale and a day from passing Quantum Of Solace. The Fri-Sat-Sunday portion of the weekend fell off just 20% from last weekend's opening.
RUSSIA was off a good 47% from its opening, adding $5.2 million to bring the market cume to $16.1.
BRAZIL fell just 5% from its opening frame ($3.4 million/$7.8 million cume)
KOREA was down 49% ($3.0 million/$11.4 million)
SWEDEN fell off just 2% from its opening frame ($2.8 million/$8.1 million cume)
DENMARK fell 15% ($2.7 million/$7.5 million)
BELGIUM was up 6% for Fri-Sun ($2.6 million/$4.9 million)
POLAND fell just 24% from its opening ($1.9 million/$5.7 million)
NORWAY was off 48% ($1.5 million/$6.5 million)
FINLAND fell 12% ($1.3 million/$4.1 million).

Imax issued an estimated weekend gross of $4.3 mil in 132 locations over 36 territories, or $33+k a screen.

Friday (11/2) Update: Skyfall has grossed $59.9 million during its first seven days in the U.K. and Ireland. That impressive tally gives Skyfall the first-week record in the U.K./Ireland. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 previously held the record with $57.6 million in its first seven days.


Thursday (11/1) Update: Skyfall will pass the $100 million mark internationally today. The film doesn't hit North America until IMAX shows begin on November 8. 

Tuesday (10/30) Update: Skyfall remained strong at the international box office on Monday.  The film has now grossed an estimated $96.6 million internationally through the end of Monday.  The United Kingdom is responsible for $39.3 million of that total.

Daily international grosses on Monday for Skyfall included $6.8 million in the United Kingdom, $2.3 million in France and $0.896 million in Russia.

The UK figure represents the best Monday of all-time in the UK, topping Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2.

Monday (10/29) Update: Sony has revised the strong international start for Skyfall upwards.  The international start for Skyfall now stands at $80.6 million.

Sunday (10/28) Update: Skyfall is off to a great start. Sony estimates that the latest Bond flick has already taken in $77.7 million internationally.

Key stats from Sony:

Setting the pace was, of course, the UK, which opened to an enormous estimated $32.4 million (£20.1). Smashing the all-time Saturday attendance record yesterday, this is the biggest opening of 2012 and the 2nd biggest Friday-to-Sunday opening weekend in history there, behind just the 3D Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2. This launch was 76% bigger than Daniel Craig's first turn as 007, Casino Royale, and 30% bigger than Quantum Of Solace. Of the $77.7 million on Skyfall, IMAX is estimating a weekend gross of $3.5 mil in 79 locations in 15 territories which include the UK, France, Russia, Korea, Bulgaria, Middle East, Kazakhstan and Brazil.

FRANCE bowed with $9.1, 39% more than Casino Royale's opening Friday to Sunday (beating the entire 5-day opening as well) and just 15% less than Quantum, which opened during a holiday period.

RUSSIA opened to $8.6 million, beating Casino Royale's first weekend by 171% and Quantum's by 58%.

KOREA managed to take an gigantic 49% of the market, grossing $6.1, which was more than triple Casino Royale's opening and 58% more than Quantum's opening Fri-Sun (22% more than Quantum's entire 4-day opening).

BRAZIL launched with a huge $6.5, the biggest Bond bow ever there, beating Casino's opening by 130% and Quantum's by 37%.

BELGIUM earned $1.4 million, up 40% on Casino Royale's first Friday to Sunday by 40% and 17% on Quantum's. MGM's licensees:

NORWAY opened to $2.7 million, capturing well over 65% of the entire market and besting the opening of Casino by 52% and Quantum by 15%.

SWEDEN launched with a huge $2.6 million, the biggest opening of 2012, 27% bigger than the opening of Casino, and just 4% less than Quantum, which opened during a national holiday.

DENMARK also opened to $2.6 million, the biggest non-3D opening ever there, beating Casino by 23% and Quantum by 30%.

POLAND bowed with $2.5 million, more than tripling the opening weekend of Casino and besting Quantum by 67%.

FINLAND earned a huge $1.5 million, the biggest opening in history there excluding previews, beating Casino Royale's bow by 82% and Quantum's by 23%.

Other openings include the CZECH REPUBLIC ($835K), ISRAEL ($825K), PORTUGAL ($630K), HUNGARY ($425K), ROMANIA ($325K), SLOVAKIA ($310K), BULGARIA ($175K), and ICELAND ($155K).



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