UPDATED: 'Skyfall' Boasts $951 Million Worldwide

on December 16, 2012


Sunday (12/16) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall has grossed $678.7 million overseas and $272.3 million domestically for a worldwide total of $951 million.

Sunday (12/9) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall pulled another $20.3 million overseas this weekend. That brings the international cume to $656.6 million. Combined with the estimated domestic haul of $261.6 million, the worldwide total is now $918 million through Sunday.

Key international notes:

AUSTRALIA remained #1 in the market for the third consecutive weekend with $4.8, raising its cume to $33.5. JAPAN fell just 40% from its fantastic opening weekend, grossing $3.3, bringing its market cume to $13.2. GERMANY added $2.4 in its 6th frame, increasing its cume to $74.7. The U.K. continues to add to its record-setting total with $2.3 in its 7th week, cume is now a staggering $154.5. HOLLAND is still #1 for the 6th consecutive weekend, down just 29% with $1.1, cume is $19.1. FRANCE adds $1.0 in its 7th frame, bringing its market cume to $56.5.


Monday (12/3) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall grossed another estimated $34 million internationally over the weekend. That brings the overseas total to $623 million and the worldwide total to an estimated $869 million.

Key international notes for Skyfall:

JAPAN debuted at #1 this weekend with a fantastic $5.9 from 587 screens, 51% bigger than QUANTUM OF SOLACE, 76% more than CASINO ROYALE and 28% over DARK KNIGHT RISES. SOUTH AFRICA also bowed at #1 with $.800 from 128 screens, 76% bigger than QUANTUM and about double the launch of CASINO ROYALE.

Last weekend's openers AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND remain very strong #1s, both commanding about 60% their respective markets and both about 3 1/2 times the #2 film TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2. AUSTRALIA took in an estimated $8.0 to bring its cume to a very nice $25.7 and NEW ZEALAND did $1.1 for a total of $3.4.

In Europe, GERMANY is #2 in its 5th frame, earning $3.7 for a new cume of $71.3. The U.K. is in a tight race for #1 this weekend, bringing in $3.5 and raising its total to a phenomenal $150.2 -- right on the heels of AVATAR which currently stands as the U.K.'s biggest film to date.

FRANCE did $1.8 in its 6th frame, cume now $55.1. HOLLAND performed beautifully, placing #1 for a 5th consecutive weekend and dropping a slight 25% with $1.6 (cume $17.5). Other holdovers include: SWITZERLAND with $1.0 and retaking the #1 position (cume $17.3); BELGIUM $.550 ($9.3); SWEDEN $.550 ($15.2); DENMARK $.465 ($13.4); MEXICO $.410 ($9.1); ITALY $.400 ($16.4) and SPAIN $.305 ($12.7).

Monday (11/25) Update: Skyfall's worldwide total is an estimated $790 million. The action flick has earned $560.8 million internationally and $221.7 million domestically. 

Sunday (11/18) Update: Sony reports that Skyfall has grossed $161.3 million domestically and $507.9 million internationally for a worldwide cume of $669.2 million. Skyfall has now passed Casino Royale's $594.2 million worldwide haul in order to become the biggest Bond movie of all time. The success of Skyfall has helped Sony hit $4 billion worldwide for the first time in its history. 

Key int'l stats for Skyfall:

GERMANY was off just 29% in its 3rd weekend, adding $10.3 million and bringing the market cume to $57.4 million. The UK fell off 47% in its 4th frame, grossing $8.9 million to bring the market cume to $133.4. SKYFALL is now the 2nd biggest film of all time in the UK with £82.7 million behind AVATAR (£94.0 million). FRANCE added $3.9, cume now $47.9.
HOLLAND held off new opener TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 to remain #1 in the market, fell off 32% in its 3rd frame, grossing $2.5 and bringing market cume to $12.7.
Other top markets for the weekend: SWITZERLAND fell 33% in its 3rd ($2.5 million/$14.2 million), ITALY ($1.6 million/$2.8 million), BRAZIL ($1.1 million/$12.4 million), RUSSIA ($1.0 million/$23.9 million), SPAIN ($1.0 million/$11.3 million), SWEDEN ($1.1 million/$13.2 million), DENMARK ($1.0 million/$11.5 million).

Australia and New Zealand release next week.

Wednesday Update: With £74.3 million ($117.8 million) in the bank, Skyfall is now the second-highest grossing film ever in the UK and the highest grossing movie in 2D. Avatar still holds the #1 spot with £94 million ($149 million).

Tuesday Update: Sony estimates that Skyfall made $11.3 million in North America on Monday, pushing its domestic total to $101.9 million. A final number is due later today. 

Sunday Update #2: 

From Sony:

Skyfall, the 23rd film in the James Bond series, grossed an estimated $89.0 million this weekend overseas bringing the international total to $428.6 million and an estimated $518.6 million worldwide.

Sony's markets earned $79.6 million to bring the cume to $367.4. MGM's distribution partners grossed $9.4 million to bring their cume to $61.2. SKyfall has now passed the lifetime of Quantum of Solace ($407.7 million) and tomorrow will pass that of Casino Royale ($432.2 million).

Top markets: The UK fell off just 30% in its 3rd weekend, grossing a huge $18.2 to bring the market cume to $117.5. Skyfall is now the 4th biggest film of all time in the UK with £72.9 million in the bank (and the biggest non-3D film), behind Avatar (£94.0 million), Toy Story 3 (£73.8 million), and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (£73.1 million). By tomorrow it will be #2 of all time. GERMANY was off just 30% from its opening frame, adding $15.1 million and bringing the market cume to $44.0. FRANCE earned $8.2 million, cume now $42.5 million.

Other top markets for the weekend: HOLLAND was off just 3% from its opening frame ($3.7 million/$9.4 million cume), SWITZERLAND fell 26% in its 2nd ($3.7 million/$10.9 million), ITALY ($2.8 million/$12.1 million), RUSSIA ($2.6 million/$22.0 million), SPAIN ($2.5 million/$9.9 million), SWEDEN ($1.9 million/$11.3 million), INDIA ($1.7 million/$8.5 million), MEXICO ($1.7 million/$5.8 million), BRAZIL ($1.6 million/$10.6 million), DENMARK ($1.6 million/$9.9 million), NORWAY ($1.4 million/$9.1 million), KOREA ($1.4 million/$14.1 million), AUSTRIA ($1.4 million/$5.4 million).


Sunday Update: Skyfall snagged $31.7 million on Friday, and it increased 7% on Saturday to $33.9 million. Sony is predicting it will take in $22.2 million today for a weekend total of $87.8 million. The action flick took in $2.2 million on Thursday thanks to IMAX previews. 

shattered the record of Biggest Bond Opening in North America previously held by Quantum of Solace, which opened to $67.5 million in November of 2008. This marks the 9th #1 film to be released by Sony Pictures in 2012.

Saturday update: Sony reports that Skyfall made $30.8 million in North America on Friday including $2.4 million from midnight shows. Combined with the $2.2 million the film made on Thursday from IMAX and Premium Large Format theaters, the total stands at $33 million.

Friday update: Sony reports that Skyfall made $2.2 million from Thursday previews that were exclusive to 463 Imax and Premium Large Format theaters. Another $2.4 million came from midnight shows. Early reports indicate that matinee shows are doing well.

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