Trailer For 'Drug War'

on November 21, 2012

The trailer has been released for Drug War (AKA Dark War), an upcoming Chinese crime thriller directed by Johnnie To. Written by frequent To collaborator Wai Ka Fai, the film stars Louis Koo as a drug dealer who is caught by police and persuaded to take part in a raid against his own gang.


Set in Jinshan, China, Ming, a cold-hearted drug dealer (Louis Koo), crashes his car into a convenience store whilst trying to escape a police raid of his drug factory. In saving his own life, he locks his wife and brother-in-law inside the factory. Police officer Lei (Sun Honglei), extremely smart and careful, offers Ming the opportunity to reduce his sentence if he assists with an undercover operation to expose his own gang. Ming chooses to help himself by betraying all his brothers, but then at the last minute he has a change of heart...

Drug War is due for release across China in December 2012.


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