UPDATED: 'Life of Pi' Reaches $129.4 Million Overseas

on December 16, 2012


Sunday (12/16) Update: 20th Century Fox estimates that Life of Pi grossed another $11.5 million overseas this weekend, pushing its global cume to $129.4 million. China is the #1 territory again with $6.9 million for a total of $84.3 million. 

Monday (12/10) Update: Life of Pi grossed an actual result of $23.42 million overseas this weekend. The updated total is now $105.4 million internationally.

Sunday (12/9) Update: 20th Century Fox estimates that Life of Pi has reached $105.7 million internationally this weekend thanks to continued strong holds in multiple markets. The film earned $23.8 million (down only 3 percent from last weekend) from 5,612 screens in just 11 territories.

Notable holds include China (up 6 percent from last weekend to $23.8 million), Spain (up 2% to $2.4 million), Taiwan (down just 14 percent to $2.3 million) and India (down 33 percent to $1.3 million).

In China, the film surpassed the totals of both The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man. In India, the film has also surpassed The Dark Knight Rises as well as Skyfall, making it the third highest grossing American film of the year in the country (behind The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man).

In Taiwan, the film is now the fourth highest grossing film of 2012 (behind Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Din Tao).

The film also retained #1 in those countries as well as Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Monday (12/3) Update: Life of Pi held up even stronger than already estimated in China over the weekend. The flick pulled $13.77 million from 3,800 screens. Cume is now $40 million in China alone.

In Taiwan, the film pulled an actual result of $2.68 million (cume $6.08 million).

The film's international tally now stands at $64.1 million from 12 markets.

Sunday (12/2) Update: 20th Century Fox is projecting a $21.5 million overseas weekend for Life of Pi. The hold is all the more impressive because the film is currently only playing in 11 markets. With strong holds in a number of countries including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the international cume is now $61.1 million.

In Taiwan, director Ang Lee's home country, the film actually increased by 47 percent to $2.58 million. In China, the flick was down just 15 percent to $11 million this weekend.

Life of Pi will open in an estimated 24 more countries on December 20 and 21.

Monday Update: The Sunday estimate out of China was low because 400 locations were missing from the total. 20th Century Fox is now reporting that Life of Pi has already earned $16.1 million in China. The overseas total--which also includes India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico--is now $23.9 million. 

Sunday Update: Life of Pi is shaping up to be a huge worldwide hit.

20th Century Fox estimates that the drama took in $17.5 million from 5,458 screens in 4 markets. Life of Pi is #1 in China thanks to a $10.5 million haul from 4,500 3D screens. In India, Life of Pi is also #1 with $3.4 million from 697 locations. That marks the third-highest non-franchise opening in India behind Avatar and 2012. The estimated worldwide total is $48 million. 

Other stats from Fox:

In Taiwan ($2.2 million from 165 locations), the film absolutely dominates, with 68% market share, and in Hong Kong ($1.4 million from 96 location), the film enjoys the biggest Ang Lee opening ever, beating LUST, CAUTION. LIFE OF PI opens in a handful of markets next weekend, including Spain, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, with the bulk of International releasing from the Dec. 19/20/21 weekend into early January.



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