GLOBAL: 'Life of Pi' Passes $300 Million Overseas; 'Jack Reacher' Posts Strong Showings In Australia, Germany and Italy; 'Les Misérables' Performs Well In Asia

on January 06, 2013

lifeofpichineseposter.jpgLife of Pi took in a staggering $60.1 million from 10,041 screens in 64 markets, pushing its overseas total to $301.9 million. The global cume is now $393 million. Key stats from Fox:

Life of Pi snatched #1 rankings in 7 of 8 new markets (only exception being South Korea where LOP is the #1 MPA title), including Russia ($14.1m from 1,600 screens), Australia ($8.3m from 545 screens), and New Zealand ($1.2m from 140 screens). Equally impressive are results from holdover markets Germany ($5.9m, down only 10%), the UK ($5.3m, down only 19%), France ($2.8m, down only 26%), Mexico ($1.9m, down only 17%), and Brazil ($1.5m, down only 17%).

Jack Reacher grabbed another $22.3 million from 4,293 locations in 47 countries. The overseas cume is now $55.6 million and the global total is $120.4 million. Key stats from Paramount:

• Australia opened the highest with an estimated solid $3.2M from 211 locations.
• Germany opened with a strong $2.95M from 489 locations .
• Mexico made an estimated very good $1.3M from 453 locations.
• Italy made an estimated solid $1.9M from 320 locations.
• Sweden's opening is estimated at an excellent $702k from 132 cinemas.
• Norway is estimated at a strong $517k from 80 cinemas.
• New Zealand made an estimated solid $381k from 59 locations.
• Austria's opening added a very good $304k from 68 locations.
• Finland is estimated at an excellent $233k from 73 cinemas.
• Denmark is estimated at a solid $320k from 50 cinemas.

• The UK 2nd weekend is estimated at $3M from 448 cinemas. The drop is a mild 19% and the cume is now at $11.8M.
• France dropped 32% from its opening with $2.8M from 559 cinemas pushing the cume to $8.3M.
• Taiwan retained the #1 box office spot in its 2nd weekend with $570k from 66 cinemas pushing the cume to $3.6M.
• The Netherlands added another $445k from 75 locations to its cume which is now at $1.6M (drop at 10% from opening).
• Belgium made an estimated $420k in its 2nd weekend from 51 locations pushing the cume to $1.3M and dropping 32%.

Wreck-It Ralph made $19.5 million from 56 overseas territories this weekend. The animated flick now boasts a global total of $311.2 million. 

Les Miserables' global total is up to $184.6 million. The musical grossed $14.5 million overseas from 1,014 locations in 17 territories, pushing its overseas total to $81 million. Key stats:In Japan, LES MIS dominated Saturday with 54% market share. The weekend estimate is $3.7M at 355 dates, up 25% over last weekend for a 17-day total of $25.2M.

In Hong Kong, the weekend estimate is $850k at 35 dates for a total of $3.1M.

In Korea, LES MIS is No. 2 behind local film, THE TOWER and ahead of the opening of LIFE OF PI. The weekend estimate is $4.3M at 268 dates for an outstanding total of $28.9M.

LES MIS is holding strong at No. 3 in Australia's second weekend. The weekend estimate is $3.3M at 243 dates for a 12-day total of $14.2M.

In Spain, LES MIS moved up a spot to No. 3 with a weekend estimate of $950k at 350 dates for a 13-day total of $6.5M.

We have 46 territories to open over the next few months. Next weekend, we open in the U.K. and Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Cyprus and Vietnam.

Rise of the Guardians is now up to $181.4 million overseas after taking in another $9.6 million from 4,943 locations in 58 countries. The global total is now $278.5 million. Stats from Paramount:

• Poland is estimated to have opened at $878k from 96 locations.
• New Zealand opened at $296k from 83 locations.

• Over its 6th weekend France made $2.8M from 728 locations. Local cume is now at $22.6M.
• The UK is estimated to have made $1.15M in its 5th weekend from 635 cinemas, leading the cume to $17.9M.
• Australia is estimated to have made $760k in its 3rd weekend from 220 cinemas, pushing the cume to $11.2M.

The Impossible made $6.4 million overseas, pushing its total to $81.2 million. The film's global total is now $84.6 million.

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