GLOBAL: 'Django Unchained' Dominates; 'Hansel and Gretel' Finishes First In 19 Territories; 'Les Miserables' Breezes Past $300 Million; 'Life Of Pi' Finishes First In Japan

on January 27, 2013

django.pngDjango Unchained raked in another $42.9 million in its 2nd weekend of international releases, bringing the overseas total to $111.5 million. The film's global total is now $257.8 million. Key stats from Sony, the film's overseas distributor:

Australia launched at #1 in the market with a terrific $4.2 million, 33% bigger than the opening of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. New Zealand also bowed at #1, grossing $.385, 34% than INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS' opening. Denmark earned $.585, 2nd in the market to local film JAGTEN and 57% bigger than INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. Portugal took in an excellent $.365 and was neck-and-neck for the market lead with the opening weekend of THE IMPOSSIBLE.
Key market holdovers:

DJANGO held like a rock everywhere, with the last weekend's opening markets falling an aggregate of just 21%. Germany was off just 11%, grossing $8.1 million (#1 in the market) and bringing the market cume to $21.0 m. France fell just 18% from its opening frame, earning $6.6 m (#1) to bring the market cume to $16.4. The UK dropped a miniscule 16%, earning $3.8 m (#2) and bringing the market total to $11.5. Italy fell 26% with $3.5 (#1), cume now $9.9. Fast-burning Russia fell just 43% from its opening weekend, grossing $3.2 (#2), cume is now $10.4. Spain dropped 25% in its 2nd frame, earning $2.5 (#1), cume is now $7.0. Switzerland was off just 18% from its opening, grossing $1.1 (#1), cume now $3.1. Austria fell off 27% to gross $1.0 (#1) and bring the market cume to $3.1. Brazil added $.950 (#4) in its 2nd weekend, off just 26% from its opening, bringing the market total to $3.1. Sweden fell off 30% from its opening frame, grossing $.820 (#1), cume is now $2.6. Holland fell just 14% from its opening weekend, adding $.770 (#1) and bringing the market total to $2.0. Belgium was off just 9% in its 2nd frame, grossing $.650 (#1) while bringing the market cume to $1.5.

Skyfall took in another $35.4 million overseas, pushing its total to a staggering $776.5 million. The global cume is $1.078 billion. 

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters grossed another $25 million overseas from 3,039 locations in 20 countries, giving it an overseas cume of $35.8 million. The global total is now $54.8 million. Hansel & Gretel opens in the following territories next week: Egypt, Croatia, Lebanon, New Zealand, Portugal, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Uruguay.
Stats from Paramount:

The 3D action movie opened in 19 new markets, mainly in Latin America and the Far East. We were at #1 in all but one of the 19 opening markets this weekend, and remained at #1 in Russia, which opened last week. Only in Argentina were we at #2, behind a very successful local title. The Hansel and Gretel gross in the combined 19 new territories was 127% better than the corresponding openings of Underworld Awakening, 141% better than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and 12% better than Snow White and the Huntsman in that same bucket of territories.

Brazil was the highest new opening with an outstanding $4.5M from 366 locales, ranking #1 in the local box office. This is 616% above Red Riding Hood, 154% above Underworld: Awakening, 93% above Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer, and 56% above Snow White and the Huntsman.

Mexico is estimated to have opened with an excellent $3.7M from 572 cinemas at #1. This is 217% above Red Riding Hood, 71% above Underworld: Awakening, 107% above Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer.

Taiwan is estimated to have opened with an impressive $1.9M from 64 cinemas at #1. This is 444% above Red Riding Hood , 129% above Underworld: Awakening, 228% above Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer, and 26% above Snow White and the Huntsman.
Malaysia is estimated to have opened with a very solid $1.3M from 98 cinemas at #1.

Colombia's debut is at an impressive $1.2M from 124 cinemas. The film ranked at #1.
The Philippines opened at a muscular $1M from 131 locations at #1
Thailand opened at a strong $939k from 52 cinemas. Position in the box office is estimated as #1.
In Singapore the movie opened at a great $900k from 60 locations. The film ranked at #1.
Panama's estimated opening is at a solid $424k from 170 locales. Estimated ranking is at #1.
Peru opened at an outstanding $721k from 60 locations at #1. Hansel & Gretel is the highest January opening of all time in the market.
Argentina opened at a very good $704k from 100 cinemas. Ranking is estimated at #2 behind local title "Tesis de un asesinado".
Hong Kong opened at #1 with $476k from 38 locales.
Chile opened at #1 with $246k from 40 locations.

Russia made a rock solid $4.75M in its 2nd weekend from 970 locations, dropping only 44% from its opening. Cume is now at $15.6M and ranking is expected at #1.

Life of Pi took in another $17.6 million overseas from 6,566 screens in 60 markets, pushing its overseas total to $422.4 million. The global total is an impressive $525.9 million. Stats from Fox: 

LIFE OF PI opened in Japan this weekend, earning an excellent $4.6m from 713 screens for #1 in the market, on its way to a $17.55m GBO weekend at the International box office from 6,566 screens in 60 markets. The International cume is now a mind-blowing $422.4m, with a long way to go in this box office journey. Australia ($1.81m from 457) and UK (1.78m from 537) lead the holdover markets, followed by more happy GBO returns in South Korea ($1.2m from 155), Germany ($1.1m from 698), Mexico ($956K from 667), Brazil ($600k from 179), Russia ($535k from 484) and Argentina ($466K from 113), among others. Some notable box office milestones include: UK crosses US$40m ($41.8m); Russia nears US$29m ($28.9m), Australia crosses US$24m; Germany crosses US$23m; Mexico crosses $18m; France crosses US$15m; South Korea crosses US$14m; and Brazil nears US$12m ($11.94m). The last International market, Venezuela, opens the film on Feb. 8.

Les Miserables grabbed another $14 million from 2,600 locations in 33 territories, pushing its overseas total to $175.7 million. The musical's global total is now $312.9 million. Stats from Universal:LES MIS opened in 4 territories this weekend. Iceland and Romania had very good openings. All the new opening films in Poland were affected by snowstorms and frigid weather and Croatian results will be available Monday.

In the U.K. and Ireland, LES MIS is the No. 1 for the third week in a row. The weekend estimate is $6.1M (£3.9M) at 590 dates for a 17-day total of $38.7M (£24.4M). It is now the second biggest musical of all time behind our own MAMMA MIA! in the U.K. and Ireland and Hugh Jackman's biggest ever film in this territory.

Japan held strong at No. 3 with $1.8M at 357 dates in week 6 for a 37-day total of $43.1M.

In Korea, LES MIS held at No. 4 with $1.4M at 334 dates for a total of $38.7M. It is now the 10th highest grossing non-Korean film of all time in this market.

Australia placed No. 6 with $970k at 256 dates in week 5 for a 33-day total of $23.3M.

We have 31 territories to open over the next few months. Next weekend, we open in Brazil, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia and Thailand.

Lincoln scooped up another $10.7 million overseas from 2,596 locations in 22 markets, giving it an international cume of $14.7 million. Stats from Fox, the film's international distributor:

UK ($2.76m from 511) sends the largest International delegation to the box office, followed closely by strong upstart Italy ($2.7m from 421), where the film significantly exceeds local expectations at the polls. Spain ($1.35m from 370) and Mexico ($417K from 261) remain faithful to the LINCOLN camp, continuing their strong runs in the 2nd weekend, followed by a landslide opening in Brazil ($1m from 151). Germany ($815K from 160) proves to be a battleground market, getting strong support from Belgium ($249k from 30), Switzerland ($216K from 41), Colombia ($168K from 55) and Greece ($137K from 20). Per screen averages are very strong, with reports of incredibly favorable press and WOM, which will help carry the film through February as the Oscar momentum continues. LINCOLN opens in 22 new markets next weekend, including France and Holland.

Gangster Squad grossed $6.8 million from 2,500 screens in 47 markets this weekend. The overseas cume is now $28.1 million. Globally, Gangster Squad is at $67.8 million. Stats from WB (weekend gross/cume):

UK: $586k / $7.6m
Australia: $678k / $6.4m

Gangster Squad will roll out in some key territories soon: Brazil (Feb. 1), France (Feb. 6), Spain (Feb. 8), Italy (Feb. 21), Mexico (Feb. 23) and Japan (May 3). 

Flight took in $5.5 million from 1,301 locations in 13 markets, pushing its overseas total to $11.7 million. The global total stands at $105.2 million. 

Jack Reacher grossed another $3.8 million from 4.413 locations in 57 territories. Overseas, the action flick's total is $105.3 million. The global cume is $183.5 million. 

Ted took in $3.6 million from 137 locations in Japan, pushing its overseas total to $296.2 million. The global total is now $514.9 million.

Zero Dark Thirty grabbed $3.6 million from 1,021 locations for an overseas total of $7.7 million. Stats from Universal: The U.K. and Ireland had a solid opening at No. 4 with $1.6M (£1M) at 433 dates, which is Kathryn Bigelow's biggest opening weekend in this market. France opened No. 2 and grossed a good $1.5M at 286 dates. Switzerland opened No. 2 with a good $96k at 16 dates. Finland had a good opening with $55k at 33 dates. Spain held strong at No. 9 with $350k at 233 dates, -44% in week 4 for a 24-day total of $4.5M. Universal is also distributing in Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and South Africa. We open in Germany, German-Switzerland, Austria and Sweden next weekend.


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