'Fast & Furious 6' Name-Checks Brazil, But Won't Return

on March 26, 2013

In the opening line of new TV spot for Fast & Furious 6, Tyrese Gibson gives lip service to Fast Five -- the franchise's most successful outing -- when he sighs, "I thought Brazil would be our last job." Filmed partially on location in Rio, Fast Five was a sizable Brazilian hit, racking up over $20 million at the box office and ranking 9th overall for the year between Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Captain America. For much of the film's running time, Puerto Rico doubled for Brazil as the production found itself mobbed when it tried to shoot at Rio's main airport. Still, director Justin Lin insisted that the main cast spend time in the country to understand the feel of his international adventure, and in addition to aerial establishing shots, the unit did pull off filming a scene at the beach in Copacabana. Brazilians would, of course, love to see the franchise stay in their country, but according to a leaked synopsis, all shooting of Fast & Furious 6 took place in Europe. 

Watch the TV spot below: 

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