GLOBAL UPDATE: 'Oblivion' Grabs $13.1 Million on Friday

on April 12, 2013


Saturday Update: Universal reports that Oblivion grossed an estimated $13.1 million from 52 territories on Friday, giving the film a $23.1 million overseas total thus far. They project a weekend take of $60.5 million.

Key territories include Russia's $1.5 million (biggest opening day of the year for a non-3D release) and $1.6 million from the United Kingdom and Ireland. Oblivion also opened in first place in all of its Latin American markets.

Below are Universal's comparisons to recent blockbusters in the same territories:

+ 22% ahead of TRON: Legacy ($228M Lifetime)
+ 70% ahead of Jack Reacher ($150M Lifetime)
- 7% below OZ ($250M Lifetime)
- 7% below Rise of the Planet of the Apes ($305M Lifetime)
On par with Snow White and the Huntsman ($241M Lifetime)

Previously: Tom Cruise is one of the few global stars that can bring attention to any project. His track record at the global box office remains unblemished as long as he receives top billing; his only underwhelming films have been ensemble pieces: Rock of Ages, Lions for Lambsand Magnolia. Cruise's previous outing, Jack Reacher, stalled in the North American box office but was salvaged with a robust $137.5 million overseas total. Cruise is so marketable to audiences around the world that most of his recent titles regularly cross the $100 million mark abroad. Older titles from the 80's and the 90's, released in a smaller economy for the overseas market, still managed to regularly gross above $70 million. 

Universal is betting on Tom Cruise's streak to continue, opening Oblivion in 51 territories a week ahead of its North American premiere. Cruise and science-fiction movies have gone well together in the past.  Minority Report and War of the Worlds, both directed by Steven Spielberg, grossed $226.3 and $357.4 million respectively. Director Joseph Kosinski has experience in the genre; his previous film, Tron: Legacy, went on to gross $398.5 million overseas. 
Oblivion will face little competition this weekend. Scary Movie 5 is lined-up as a movie-going alternative in 9 territories, including the U.K. and Australia. The spoof has its sights set on overcoming strong overseas grosses in previous outings: $110.6 million for Scary Movie 3 and $87.5 million for Scary Movie 4. 
Other hold-overs to keep an eye on include G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Croods, which have dominated the March box office around the world. Evil Dead had a stronger per-screen average than its modest numbers suggested last weekend, and the next couple of days will be important to see how much momentum it can gain in the coming weeks. 


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