MEXICO: 'Nosotros Los Nobles' Becomes Highest Grossing Mexican Film of All Time

on April 22, 2013

o-NOSOTROS-LOS-NOBLES-570.jpgNosotros Los Nobles enjoyed its first week as #1 in the Mexican box office and became the highest grossing Mexican film of all time in the domestic market. The film might not have the art house credibility of the work of auteurs like Alejandro González Iñárritu or Alfonso Cuarón but has proved to be a massive success in its home country, outgrossing every other film in release in its fourth week. The film only fell 17% from last week and scored the highest per-screen average, adding $1.9 million to reach a $14.8 million cume. The Mexican film has benefited from a well orchestrated distribution campaign by Warner Bros. and a strong marketing presence. Nosotros Los Nobles has already outgrossed G.I. Joe: Retaliation after sharing the same release date. 

Oblivion and The Croods were still able to draw crowds over the weekend, grossing $1.6 and $1 million, respectively. The Croods has been an overwhelming success in Mexico with a $24.7 million cume in the country. It is the highest grossing film in release.

Olympus Has Fallen was the odd man out over the weekend, opening in fourth place without breaking the $1 million mark. Its high screen count labels it a bigger disappointment than fellow new releases, Dark Skies and This is 40, which placed in the bottom half of the top ten with a respectable per-screen average considering a limited run in under 250 theaters. Evil Dead performed the best among all hold-overs, retaining ninth place by only dropping 16% from last weekend. 

Tlatelolco: Mexico del 68 premiered outside of the top ten with a strong $1,276 average from 86 screens. The Mexican political drama recounts a particularly difficult time in the country's history, as big a departure as possible from the class comedy of Nosotros Los Nobles. Tlatelolco's $109,699 gross is still admirable considering the heavy competition it faced from three U.S. premieres over the weekend.

Box Office Results for Mexico. April 19-21, 2013. 


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