on April 22, 2013

BEIJING/SINGAPORE: The film and television industry in China contributed USD15.5 billion (100 billion yuan) to the country's economy and supported 909,000 jobs in 2011, according to a report launched on 21 April by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the China Film Distributors and Exhibitors Association (CFDEA). The industry also generated tax revenues of USD3.4 billion (22 billion yuan).

The Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Industries in China was prepared by Oxford Economics and was launched against the backdrop of the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival at the Crown Plaza Parkview Hotel Beijing to an audience of senior government officials, filmmakers and screen community representatives. The report identified the significant economic contribution the film and television industries made to the Chinese economy in 2011, and supports the widely-held assessment that the film and television sector offers substantial potential for growth and employment.

Partnering in the publication of the report, Yang Buting, Chairman of the China Film Distributors and Exhibitors Association (CFDEA), said, "The film and television industry in China has witnessed considerable growth over the past five years. This has been driven by the Chinese audiences' desire to experience new films and television shows on multiple platforms, matched with incredible business innovation and development on the part of the industry. More people are enjoying films and television shows at brand new digital cinemas and on the latest hand-held devices than could ever have been imagined five years ago. The size and scope of that growth is illustrated perfectly by this important report. The CFDEA is pleased to be associated with this research and we look forward to witnessing further growth and development in this sector."

Xue Xiaolu, writer and director of the successful feature film Finding Mr. Right said, "This report is not only an important economic measurement for the success of the film and television industry, but it also helps to illustrate the social and cultural contribution made by the screen industries to Chinese society and the potential for those stories to educate and entertain new audiences around the world. We are fortunate that creativity and modern technology are combining to provide a golden age of cinema and other digital screen content. However it is important that creative work is respected and that copyright continues to play a vital role in stimulating innovation and new storytelling."

Zhu Yongde, Chairman of the China Film Copyright Association (CFCA) said, "This report helps to increase awareness about the value this industry brings to China and consequently the importance of the rights of film and television makers and copyright owners. The Chinese government has made a substantial commitment to protect creative work, and we have made significant progress to ensure that people have access to films and television shows through the many legal means available to them. However, there is still much work to be done to ensure that creative work is fully respected and protected. The screen community in China is committed to working as one to promote access to films and television shows via legitimate means only, and to protect the creative work of the many people who contribute to this very successful sector."

Liu Dele, President of Youku-Tudou, said, "Congratulations on the release of this important report that quantifies the film and television industries in China. We in the online video sector have seen considerable growth and there is an opportunity to develop this business even further. It is our hope to provide the latest films to our viewers so that we can effectively compete with piracy, and we are pleased that the MPA have helped provide a good environment for copyright protection."

Charles Zhang, Chairman and CEO, Sohu said, "There is much to celebrate in the film and television industry right now, and this report helps to tell the story of our success. The online video sector is one of strong growth, providing an on demand movie and TV experience for our many viewers. Our hope is to invest more in quality content. However there are current risks that need to be overcome if we are to achieve our full potential. Number one amongst those challenges is online content theft, which undermines the promising work of our local screen community, and prevents the depth of investment that will improve our online offerings even further. We hope to work closely with the rest of the screen community to address these issues and help provide an even brighter future for film and television in China."

Mike Ellis, President and Managing Director Asia Pacific, Motion Picture Association (MPA) said, "This report celebrates the success of the film and television industry in China. Chinese audiences are seeking out and enjoying a variety of films, whether they are made locally, internationally, or co-produced through collaborative international partnerships. The report also highlights the significant contribution the screen industry has made in the move to a developing digital economy: thousands of digital cinema screens are being developed around the country to meet the audience demand for quality screen entertainment; while digital video platforms online deliver better and better quality content to audiences in the home and on the move. This is a sector fueled by innovation, creativity and hard work, providing high-value jobs to hundreds of thousands of people and in the case of China, employing over 900,000 men and women who have made their careers and livelihoods in bringing joy and entertainment, laughter and tears to millions across the country and millions more across the globe. This is the reason why we are fully committed to working closely with the local screen community to promote and protect an industry which makes such a significant economic and cultural contribution to the country."

The report was launched with the support of China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association, China Film Copyright Association, China Audio Video Association, China Film Producers' Association, China Directors' Association, China Script Writers' Association, leading online video websites including Sohu, Youku-Tudou, leTV and iQiyi, leading Chinese film studios and production houses including China Film Group, Bona Film, Enlight and DMG, and MPA member company studios.

The key findings of the Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Industries in China report found that in 2011, the film and television industry directly contributed:
• USD15.5 billion (100 billion yuan) to the Chinese GDP
• Supported 909,000 jobs; and
• USD3.4 billion (22 billion) in tax revenues

The industry's total contribution was:
• USD42.1 billion (272 billion yuan) to the Chinese GDP
• Supported 4.5 million jobs overall; and
• USD8.8 billion (57 billion) in total tax revenues


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