Overseas RoundUp: Top Ten Lists from the Major Global Markets

on May 08, 2013

iron-man-3.jpgIron Man 3 continued to dominate the global box office last weekend, but its reign at  #1 across the major markets was interrupted after it fell to second place in Japan. It shouldn’t be cause for alarm for the superhero film, however, as it sets its sights on the elusive $1 billion global benchmark, reserved for the biggest films of the year.

Top Ten Lists From the Major Global Markets:


AUSTRALIA: 'Iron Man 3' Continues Strong, 'Big Wedding' Opens Big

BRAZIL: Domestic Films Put Up A Fight Against 'Iron Man 3'

CHINA: 'Iron Man 3' Debuts With Record-Setting $64M Opening Week

FRANCE: 'Iron Man 3' $7.8M Leads A Robust Weekend

GERMANY: 'Iron Man 3' Beats 'Scary Movie 5' For #1

ITALY: 'Iron Man 3,' 'Hansel And Gretel' Boost Box Office

JAPAN: 'Iron Man 3' Loses Its First Major Market

MEXICO: 'Iron Man 3' $7.8M Leads Second Consecutive Week

RUSSIA: 'Iron Man 3' Opens In Russia With $23.2M

SPAIN: ‘Iron Man 3' Triumphs Against ‘Scary Movie 5' And ‘Big Wedding' Premieres

U.K.: ‘Iron Man 3' $9.8M Soars Ahead Of The Competition


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