GLOBAL: 'After Earth' Opens Overseas Below 'Oblivion' with $45.5M; 'Fast 6' Close to $600M

on June 09, 2013

AE-4.jpgAfter Earth premiered in 60 territories overseas this weekend and took in $45.5 million. It's not equivalent to the film's lackluster result in its opening weekend in North America, but it's still not a number that lives up to the film's potential.

Comparatively, Oblivion launched in 52 territories back in April, posting a considerably stronger $61.1 million weekend despite playing in eight less territories. Oblivion, on the other hand, has kept on pace with its steady overseas performance, reaching a $191.1 million overseas total. The Tom Cruise sci-fi film held-over well in Japan with $1.7 million in its second weekend. Oblivion is still in release in 20 territories and has grossed $279.6 million worldwide. The Tom Cruise film's disappointing $88.5 million take in North American has been its biggest impediment, likely the reason why it could fall just shy of the $300 million global mark.

The numbers don't look any better when we compare After Earth's overseas debut with the limited roll-out Star Trek Into Darkness received in seven overseas markets during its opening run. Star Trek Into Darkness grossed $31.7 million in its opening weekend from those seven markets. Granted, the strategic roll-out focused on an early launch in fan-friendly territories for an established franchise. The comparison has to be made, but is intrinsically imbalanced against the Will Smith sci-fi adventure.

Star Trek Into Darkness reached a $176.4 million overseas total over the weekend, already outpacing the performance of its predecessor with pending releases in major markets like Japan, France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. An additional $9 million from China saw the Star Trek sequel nearly outgross the previous entry in the same market by 500%. South Korea contributed $3.3 million as well, a mere 22% drop from its opening weekend. Star Trek Into Darkness will open in Brazil, Italy, and France next weekend. The latest entry in the Star Trek franchise currently posts a $376.5 million global cume.

The impact that After Earth has had overseas is limited when compared to the performance of this year's  two other science fiction tentpoles. The Will Smith father-and-son film continued its North American woes over the weekend, where it only brought in $11.2 million in its sophomore frame. After Earth has now grossed $92 million globally. It will have to make up most of its ground in the coming weeks, before the release of The Man of Steel takes over marquees around the world starting in mid-June. A strong overseas performance is crucial for After Earth. While a disappointing global run for After Earth won't put Will Smith's career in jeopardy, it very likely puts into question director M. Night Shyamalan's viability with high-profile studio films, and will put extra pressure for Sony's other summer releases to deliver with audiences around the world.

Fast & Furious 6 posted Universal's biggest opening weekend of all time in Australia. The film's four day total (plus previews) took in $10.8 million. It is the most successful opening weekend for the Fast franchise in Australia. Mexico is the top hold-over with a $3.1 million weekend and a $31.6 million total. Other top markets for the film include the United Kingdom ($35.3M), Russia ($32.8M), Germany ($25.4M), France ($20.2M), and Brazil ($18.7M). Fast & Furious 6 is on pace to become the most successful entry in the franchise overseas by next weekend. The film currently has an overseas total of $381.7 million and a global cume of $584.6 million. Fast 6 is set to open in China and Japan in July.

A $12.7 million weekend from 60 territories helped Epic reach a $107 million overseas cume. Numerous major markets are still on the slate for the animated film, including Australia, South Korea, Spain, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. Epic has a global cume of $191.1 million.

The Hangover Part III continued to make up for its poor North American run with another big weekend overseas. A $34.8 million weekend from 56 markets saw the comedy reach a $170.5 million overseas cume. The $4.1 million weekend in Germany was enough to give the film the top spot in the country for the second consecutive week and a $21.1 million cume. Russia also posted strong second week figures with a $3.6 million weekend gross and a $15.1 million cume. The film held the #1 spot in Italy ahead of the debut of After Earth with $2.8 million and a $13.3 million cume. Other top markets for the comedy include France ($2.9M Weekend / $10.7M Total), Brazil ($2.8M Weekend / $10.1M Total), Australia ($1.8m Weekend / $18M Total), the United Kingdom ($1.7M Weekend / $24.5M Total), and Spain ($1.4M Weekend / $4.9M Total). The Hangover Part III has now grossed $272.8 million worldwide. It will open in Japan and Mexico on June 28.

The Great Gatsby reached a $278.7 million global cume after opening in Brazil and New Zealand last week. The Baz Luhrman adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerlad's seminal novel has grossed a total of $142.6 million overseas. The film's top markets are the United Kingdom ($20.6M Total), Russia ($15.9M Total), France ($13M Total), Germany ($12.9M Total), South Korea ($9.2M Total), Italy ($9.1M Total), and Spain ($5.1m Total). The Great Gatsby will open in Japan next weekend. 

Iron Man 3 reached a major milestone by reaching $803.3 million overseas. The superhero film has now grossed $1.196 billion globally. It is the #5 highest grossing film of all time globally, #7 overseas, and #17 in North America.

The Purge took the top spot in North America this weekend with a $36.4 million gross, complementing it with a good performance in two overseas territories. The Purge held-over well in the U.K., where it was released last weekend, and opened in Poland on Friday to take its overseas total to $3.5 million. The thriller has an international roll-out scheduled to expand over the next five months. The Purge is currently posting a $39.9 million global cume.

A $2.5 million opening in Japan saw G.I. Joe: Retaliation reach a total of $23.6 million outside of North America. The film will take first place in the territory, posting a 46% improvement above the original's premiere in 2009. G.I. Joe: Retaliation has global cume of $365.4 million.

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