UPDATED OVERSEAS: 'World War Z' Erupts with $45.8M Weekend

on June 21, 2013


Paramount's World War Z took over 30% of the overseas market after opening across 3,470 screens in 25 territories. The zombie thriller took in $45.8 million from its opening weekend overseas as it plans a major expansion over next couple of weeks.

The film got off to a hot start midweek after Paramount reported promising early numbers for the film's day-and-date global premiere. World War Z took in $3.6 million from North America and added $5.7 million from its first round of overseas markets on its debut, posting a $9.3M worldwide gross for its opening day. 

South Korea opened to a robust $1.5 million single-day gross, anticipating a strong showing throughout the weekend. The opening day numbers for World War Z in South Korea are higher than those of Man of Steel ($1.1M), Inception ($941k), and Rise of the Planet of the Apes ($739k).

Australia performed similarly well, posting $1.1 million for the film's opening day. It was a better opening than Inception ($1.1M) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes ($712k). Australia is the only major overseas market where World War Z will be virtually unopposed this weekend, with Man of Steel on deck to premiere on June 27.

World War Z more than doubled the opening day gross of Man of Steel in Argentina, opening on a midweek holiday for $710k. It is the third highest Thursday opening of all time in the territory.

The Brad Pitt passion project will open in the United Kingdom on Friday, June 21. Other markets where World War Z will debut day-and-date with North America include: Argentina, Taiwan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Turkey, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Romania, and Vietnam.

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