UPDATED OVERSEAS: 'Pacific Rim' Hits $53M in 38 Markets

on July 12, 2013


Sunday Update: A $53 million take from 38 overseas markets wasn't enough for Pacific Rim to break the $100 million mark globally. The overseas day-and-date roll-out shouldn't be to blame, however, as the film performed well in nearly ever market it opened. Guillermo del Toro's high concept tent-pole finished its first weekend with a $91.3 global cume. The IMAX numbers for the film came in at $4 million from 124 locations, a $32k per-screen average. 

South Korea came in as the biggest overseas performer for the popcorn flick with $9.6 million. Russia contributed a $9.3 million weekend that scored 177% above theTransformers 2 opening in the country and 208% ahead of the debut of War of the Worlds. Mexico brought in $5.8 million, placing behind the runaway success of Despicable Me 2 for the #2 film in the territory. A tsunami ripped through Taiwan over the weekend but couldn't stop a fantastic $3.5 million performance from the Guillermo del Toro film. Pacific Rim became the biggest opener of the year for Warner Bros. in Thailand, grossing above Man of Steel with a $2.4 million debut.

Pacific Rim took in $3.2 million from 907 screens in the United Kingdom, ranking second in the market behind the premiere of Monsters University. The film struggled against the opening of The Heat and the fourth weekend of Despicable Me 2 in Australia, coming in third place with a $2.6 million opening. The film still has several major territories left, including France on July 17, Germany on July 18, China on July 31, and an August 9 release in Spain, Japan, and Brazil.  

Saturday Update #2: Pacific Rim brought in $11.5 million on Friday to take its overseas cume to $19.3 million heading into Saturday. The top markets include:

Russia: $4.1M from 1,537 screens
South Korea: $3.1M from 961 screens
Mexico: $1.3M from 1,750 screens
United Kingdom: $1M from 907 screens
Taiwan: $1.4M from 177 screens
Thailand: $1.1M from 300 screensR

Saturday Update: Pacific Rim is trailing Monsters University in the United Kingdom after a $1 million opening day on Friday. Both films opened in the U.K. On Friday and are currently occupying the first two places of the top ten chart.

Australia is keeping its pace, reporting a $1.2 million cume heading into Saturday. The film has earned $585k in Italy (354 screens) and $221k from New Zealand after two days in release.

Friday Update #2: A $7.8 million start from 25 markets on Thursday gives sets the stage for Pacific Rim to dominate the global box office this weekend. The film's top territories in its opening day are:

Russia: $2.5M from 1,537 screens
South Korea: $1.4M from 961 screens
Taiwan: $674k from 199 screens
Australia: $620k from 428 screens
Thailand: $559k from 273 screens
Italy: $300k
Argentina: $195k from 204 screens

Friday Update:Thursday numbers from seven Asian markets have Pacific Rim grossing $3.7 million across 2,157 screens. The film is currently leading the box office charts in all the Asian territories listed below:

South Korea: $1,469,238 from 961 screens
Taiwan: $611,157 from 199 screens
Thailand: $559,613 from 273 screens
Malaysia: $348,970 from 207 screens
Philippines: $283,732 from 277 screens
Indonesia: $249,152 from 168 from screens
Singapore: $240,075 from 72 screens

Thursday Update: Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is off to a hot start overseas. The film grossed $1.5 million from 850 screens in its opening day in South Korea, on par with the premiere single-day performance of World War Z and just short of the entire opening weekend take of The Lone Ranger. Australia is posting $604k from 428 screens, similar to the pace of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. New Zealand is reporting $103k from 64 screens, a figure that nearly doubles the single-day gross of the number two film in the country. The strong opening in these territories suggests Pacific Rim could have enough legs to land between the $250-$300 million range at the overseas box office. The picture will become clearer as reports come in from more of the 38 overseas territories where the film is opening this weekend.

Check back with us throughout the weekend for more overseas updates on Pacific Rim

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