A Big Opening for 'Pacific Rim,' Strong Hold for 'Lone Ranger' in Russia

on July 15, 2013

A $9.3 million debut for Pacific Rim propelled Guillermo Del Toro's tent-pole to the top of the box office in Russia. The film scored higher than many other comparable titles in the market: 377% higher than The Day After Tomorrow, 214% above Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 208% ahead of War of the Worlds, and 177% more than Transformers 2.

Disney posted strong numbers in the market as well. Monsters University hit the $20 million mark in Russia this weekend and The Lone Ranger continued its successful run in the country by reaching a $12.4 million cume. Russia accounts for about a quarter of The Lone Ranger's total overseas gross. The adventure Western has already surpassed the four-week $10.7 million total for Man of Steel.

World War Z added another $1.4 million in its third weekend to reach a $23.3 million cume. The zombie thriller has been playing holding well in Russia with three consecutive weekends above the $1 million mark. Fox's comedy The Heat has also been connecting with Russian audiences. The Heat held on for a $1 million weekend, a 43% drop from its previous frame, to reach a $3.8 million total.


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