TODAY'S HEADLINES: Chinese Government Relaxes Film and TV Censorship Rules

on July 17, 2013

China’s State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film, and Television announced it will ease restrictions on 20 of its responsibilities. This movement includes a stipulation to allow film scripts that deal with “general topics.” Beijing News reported earlier this morning that general topics include anything that does not discuss “religion, ethnic groups, foreign affairs and other special topics,” quoted from “a source close to SARFT.”

The red-tape cutting also officiates the need to submit a synopsis of the production for approval. Prior to this movement, productions were required to submit entire scripts for approval. Industry site FilmBusinessAsia reports that this has been an informal practice for at least three years, which has now been made official.

Other rule relaxations include simplified approval processes for co-production film equipment. Local branches can now approve film festivals with single-nation focuses rather than having to be approved by the central Beijing branch. Equivalently, regional branches may now approve DVD manufacturing. 

This move could also expand possibilities for more foreign productions.

For more details, check out Film Business Asia and Deadline.


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