GLOBAL PREVIEW: Ryan Reynolds is Coming to a Theater Near You

on July 19, 2013

ripdstill.jpgFriday will be the first unofficial celebration of "Ryan Reynolds Day" in the global box office, as Turbo and R.I.P.D., two films starring the Green Lantern star/Scarlett Johansson's ex-husband, make their day-and-date debut in multiple overseas territories.

The Croods, Epic, Monsters University, and Despicable Me 2 have combined to gross $1.8 billion globally this year. Turbo will look to add to that figure with an overseas release in over two dozen territories. Latin America is carrying the bulk of the initial roll-out, as has become standard for recent animated releases.

R.I.P.D. is opening day-and-date in ten territories, including top performer Russia. The Jeff Bridges/Ryan Reynolds vehicle placed a strict review embargo in North America, suggesting a sour critical reception once it hits theaters. R.I.P.D. isn't expected to turn heads with such a limited roll-out, so a low overseas figure coming out of the gate won't serve as a good indication the film's overall performance. Russia will be the only market to keep a close eye on, with the territory currently proving itself as a strong catalyst for The Lone Ranger's overseas roll-out despite its poor numbers in North America. 

The Lone Ranger opens in ten additional territories this weekend, led by top market Mexico. Depp's best showings in Mexico have come from 2010's Alice in Wonderland ($30.3M) and the $83.8 million grossed by the four films in the Pirates franchise. The same films have been hits in North America, however, and have done nothing to help the domestic struggles of The Lone Ranger in its home country. The Lone Ranger has struggled worldwide as well, closing last weekend with a $48 million overseas total from 33 territories.

Pacific Rim will hope to spread last weekend's success in Asia to other regions with an expansion in a dozen additional territories. Guillermo del Toro's popcorn flick took in $53.1 million from 38 markets in its overseas premiere. The initial list included six of Warner Brothers' top twelve overseas markets. The film had a slow start out of the gate, finishing in third place in North America with a $37.2 million opening weekend.

The film's overseas gross was less indicative of its long-term potential. South Korea and Russia were the only major markets where the film took the top spot. Pacific Rim finished the weekend with $9.8 million from South Korea and $8.8 million from Russia. The film had a good weekend in Mexico despite coming in second place with $5.4 million. It was a different story in the remaining three top markets for Warner Bros., with Pacific Rim falling short in Italy (2nd Place, $1.5M), Australia (3rd Place, $2.7M) and the United Kingdom (3rd Place, $3.3M).

This weekend will bring the film to two more top markets: France and Germany. Comedies have ruled in the German box office this year, a market where this summer's sci-fi tent-poles have been inconsistent. Star Trek Into Darkness is the sole exception in that list with a $20.8 million tally. Oblivion got nowhere close to that number with an $8.7 million total and After Earth has only brought in a quarter of the Star Trek sequel's business with $5.4 million. The lack of success in top markets could be attributed to the packed release schedule at this time of the year, a problem compounded in the vibrant French market. Pacific Rim will battle against the first holdover weekend of Monsters University in France, a fight that Guillermo del Toro's latest film lost in multiple other territories last weekend.

Sony's slow summer continues with the struggles of White House Down. The Roland Emmerich action flick finished the weekend with a $19.6 million cume from 29 territories. South Korea is the only one of those territories that could be considered a major player for the Sony release; White House Down has earned $3.5 million of its overseas total from South Korea since its June 27 release. The right markets can turn the tide for the Jamie Foxx/Channing Tatum vehicle and this weekend's release in a dozen more territories includes the addition of Russia. Olympus Has Fallen only took in an estimated $5 million from Russia, a factor that suggests that local audiences might not be in tune with the film's concept. The weekend's result should be taken in stride regardless of the outcome; White House Down won't expand until more significant territories open in early September.

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