UPDATED GLOBAL: China Saves 'Pacific Rim'

on August 11, 2013


TUESDAY: Studios are reporting actuals across the board. Here are the latest overseas totals, organized by company.


$144.2 M Overseas

The Heat
$45.3 M Overseas

The Internship
$32.1 M Overseas

Percy Jackson 2
$9.7M Overseas

$62.1 M Overseas

The Wolverine
$197 M Overseas


The Smurfs 2
$110.7 M Overseas

$11.2 M Overseas

Grown Ups 2
$30.9 M Overseas

This is the End
$15.4 M Overseas

White House Down
$54.7 M Overseas

After Earth
$184.5 M Overseas

Before Midnight
$10.9 M Overseas

Warner Bros.

Pacific Rim
$245.6 M Overseas

The Conjuring
$49.3 M Overseas

Weinstein Company

Only God Forgives
$8.9M Overseas

Scary Movie 5
$45.1 M Overseas

Dark Skies
$9 M Overseas

Kon Tiki
$21.3 M Overseas

SUNDAY: Pacific Rim has a chance to make more money in China than in North America. The Guillermo del Toro popcorn flick is Warner Bros.'s highest grossing film of all time in the market with $76.4 million, and that is only after a dozen days in release. 

The lackluster performance in other markets offers little solace for Legendary Pictures, which reportedly put up most of the film's production budget. The film's resilient performance in China doesn't solve all its problems, but it does mitigate the box office damage from numerous markets around the world. Without China, Pacific Rim would have little to no hope of saving face. $76.4 million in twelve days gives Guillermo del Toro's film a fighting chance that no other global market would be able to offer.

The North American total for Pacific Rim currently stands at $96.5 million, giving the film a worldwide gross of $344.1 million after factoring in the $247.4 million the film has earned from 61 overseas territories. 

Elysium brought in $10.9 million from 17 overseas markets in its day-and-date debut. Russia led the charge with a $6.8 million opening weeekend. A $30.5 million take from North America gives the film a $41.4 million opening worldwide. Elysium launches in 18 additional territories next weekend, including top markets Australia, France, Germany, and Spain.

Despicable Me 2 broke the $400 million overseas mark after bringing in $12.2 million from 53 territories this weekend. The worldwide total for the animated sequel is $745.8 million. Despicable Me 2 premiered at #1 in the United Arab Emirates, grossing $1.1 million to overshadow the debuts of Pacific Rim and The Smurfs 2. It is the top film of the year in the United Kingdom with a $62 million cume. The film is also the top earner of 2013 in Mexico with $46.6 million. There are ten territories left for Despicable Me 2, including top markets like Russia (August 15), South Korea (September 12), and Italy (October 10).

Fast & Furious 6 is still speeding through the global box office. The film's $544 million overseas total is the year's second best perfromance outside of North America. The latest entry in the car-chase franchise has currently grossed $782.5 million worldwide and is only behind the $1.2 billion global showing of Iron Man 3. China is still posting excelent numbers for the film; Fast 6 has earned $61.6 million from China  after 17 days in release. 

Monsters University reached a $376.9 million overseas total this weekend, taking its global cume to $637 million. Top markets for the animated film include Japan ($67.8M), Mexico ($38.2m), the United Kingdom ($36.5M), Argentina ($23.6M), Australia ($22.1M), and Russia ($20.9M). The Pixar prequel opens in Vietnam next weekend, Italy on August 21, and China on August 23.

World War Z crossed the $300 million overseas mark, not a bad milestone for a film that had plenty of detractors lined up before its release. The $305.2 million overseas total boosts the film past the half-billion mark globally. The global cume for World War Z $502.6 million. A $2.1 million hold in Spain led the market despite facing off against the opening of Pacific Rim, bringing the Spanish cume for World War Z to $10 million after only ten days in release. World War Z was also the top film in Japan, where it opened to $3.5 million. 

The Wolverine is putting up a fight at the global box office. The film reached $196 million overseas, surpassing the lifetime overseas totals of X2: X-Men United ($193M) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($195.3M). Wolverine has its sights set on beating the lifetime overseas totals of X-Men: FIst Class ($209.2M) and X-Men: The Last Stand ($225M).  The Wolverine opens in Central America and the Middle East next weekend. The film has grossed $307.2 million worldwide.

A $9.8 million day-and-date opening in six overseas territories gave Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters a $33.1 million debut worldwide. The film outperformed its predecessor in the United Kingdom, beating the $2.6 million debut of the original with $3.3 million. Mexico posted a similar result, topping the original's $1.68 million premiere with a $2.7 million opening weekend.   

The Smurfs 2 crossed the $100 million mark overseas in its second weekend outside of North America. The sequel earned $34.6 million to raise its overseas cume to $110 million and post a $156.6 million worldwide total. The animated sequel will premiere in Bulgaria, Egypt, and Estonia next weekend.

The Lone Ranger inched one step closer to the $200 million global mark after an expansion to several top European territories. The expansion put the film over the $100 million overseas mark with a $108.9 million total. France brought in $3.3 million, Germany contributed $2.8 million, and the United Kingdom posted $2 million in the expansion. The top markets for the box-office-challenged Western are Russia ($15.9M), Mexico ($9.7M), Australia ($9.6M), and Japan ($9.5M). The Conjuring might outgross The Lone Ranger globally despite operating under a much smaller production and marketing budget. The thriller has grossed $47.2 million from 17 overseas markets and is currently posting a $167.9 million worldwide total. 

R.I.P.D. continues to struggle at the global box office. The film brought in $3.7 million from 23 territories over the weekend, including six new markets. 



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