OVERSEAS: A Recap of the Weekend's Top Markets

on August 14, 2013



Mizayaki's 'The Wind Rises' Hit the $56M mark in Japan.

It was a big weekend full of milestones in the overseas box office as Universal celebrated the biggest year outside of North America in the company's history and Brad Pitt quietly saw World War Z become the biggest global hit of his career. The following links offer a recap of last weekend's action in some of the top markets from around the world:


BRAZIL: 'The Smurfs 2' Holds To Defeat 'Pacific Rim' Debut

CHINA: 'Pacific Rim' Holds Against Strong 'Tiny Times 2' Debut

FRANCE: 'Lone Ranger' Premiere Takes Back Seat To 'Now You See Me'

GERMANY: 'The Lone Ranger' Prevails

JAPAN: Mizayaki's 'The Wind Rises' Hits $56M

MEXICO: 'Percy Jackson' Triumphs, 'Now You See Me' Stays Hot

UK: 'Alan Partridge' Edges Out 'Percy Jackson' For The Top Spot


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