GLOBAL: 'Monsters University' and 'Despicable Me 2' Battle Head-to-Head in South Korea

on September 15, 2013


DMStillB.jpgMonsters University reached its last overseas market in South Korea and walked away with a $1.2 million bow. The film will look to add to its tally over the country's Chuseok holiday this upcoming Wednesday. Monsters University has earned $465.4 million overseas and $730.9 million globally.


Despicable Me 2 opened head-to-head against Monsters University in South Korea and finished with a $2 million take with previews factored in. The Minions also opened in Iceland, where they posted the highest box office gross for a Saturday in 2013. Despicable Me 2 walked away with $86k from its opening weekend in Iceland. The animated sequel is Universal's highest grossing film of all time in Russia, where it has currently grossed $33 million after 32 days in release. Despicable Me 2 has grossed $481.2 million overseas and $840.2 million worldwide.


Planes got a boost from openings in Brazil and Mexico, the two largest markets in Latin America. The animated film took in $2.6 million from Mexico during a holiday weekend, finishing in first place at the box office. Planes earned $1.9 million in Brazil to finish in second place behind the premiere of The Conjuring. Planes has earned a total of $55.8 million outside of North America and has grossed $138.8 million worldwide The film will open in Australia and Slovenia next weekend.


Riddick reached a $22 million overseas total after taking in $9.6 million from 39 markets over the weekend. The sci-fi action flick had a successful bow in Russia with a $4.3 million premiere from 926 screens. A $1.1 million opening in Australia had Riddick premiere in second place behind The Smurfs 2. The film opens in Belgium, France, Germany, and Sweden next week. Riddick has grossed $53.2 million worldwide.


The Conjuring took the top spot in its Brazilian debut with a $4.1 million bow. It was a packed weekend in Brazil that also saw the premieres of Planes, 2 Guns, and Rush. The Conjuring fell to second place after three consecutive weeks as the #1 film in Mexico. A $1 million hold in its fourth weekend pushed The Conjuring to a $16.7 million cume in the market. Top markets for the horror film include the United Kingdom ($16M), Russia ($10M), Australia ($8.1M), Spain ($7.8M), and Argentina ($6.2M). The Conjuring will open in South Korea on Tuesday, ahead of the country's long holiday weekend. The horror film has grossed an overseas total of $132.5 million and a global cume of $270.6 million. 


A $1.5 million opening in Germany accounted for about half of the overseas weekend take for Red 2. The film has grossed $71 million overseas and is set to open in China later this month. The global total for Red 2 is $123.6 million. 


R.I.P.D. opened in mid-sized releases in Australia and Italy, posting low numbers from traditionally large markets. Australia brought in $466k from 150 locations and Italy contributed $78k from 133 dates. R.I.P.D. has grossed $34.6 million overseas and $67.9 million globally with nine territories to come. The film will open in Argentina, Spain, and the United Kingdom next weekend.


Jurassic Park 3D reached $53.8 million from China, where it has grossed the lion's share of its $71.1 million overseas total. It is Universal's second biggest film in the market, only trailing this summer's Fast & Furious 6. Jurassic Park 3D has grossed $116.5 million worldwide. The film will open in its last two territories, Argentina and Portugal, on October 3.


Fast 6 is finishing its overseas run after hitting the $550 milestone outside of North America. The sixth entry in the Fast & Furious franchise has grossed $788.7 million worldwide. It is the year's second biggest earner overseas and is third in terms of global box office.


Pain and Gain saw a strong $1.4 million opening from 254 locations in France as it continues its run in 24 territories. The film is posting healthy cumes in Germany ($6M), the United Kingdom ($3.6M), and Spain ($2M). Pain and Gain has grossed a total of $29.1 million overseas and $78.9 million worldwide. They aren't the numbers that director Michael Bay is used to, but it's a respectable take from a film that has seen a limited overseas release on a $55 million budget. 


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters crossed the $100 million overseas mark after opening in 13 new markets. Italy posted the best result with a first place  $1.9 million debut. The family-friendly adventure film is reporting strong runs in France ($12.6M), Russia ($12.1M), Brazil ($10.8M), and the United Kingdom ($10.6M). Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters has grossed $103.5 million overseas and $165.7 million worldwide. 


We're the Millers enjoyed a $1.5 million opening in Italy including previews. The comedy finished second to Percy Jackson in the market but finished its opening frame with the weekend's highest per-screen average and outperformed similar titles like Bad Teacher, Horrible Bosses, and Bridesmaids. Other top markets for the film include Russia ($16.5M), the United Kingdom ($11M), and Australia ($7.8M). We're the Millers has a $69.7 million overseas cume and has grossed $195.8 million globally. 


The Wolverine is set in Japan but couldn't attract enough interest in the country to finish above third place. A $2.4 million debut from 655 screens in Japan helped the film reach a $238 million overseas cume and $367.6 million global total. The Wolverine will try its luck in China on October 17, where a successful run could push it above the $400 million global mark.


Now You See Me is enjoying its run over the $200 million mark overseas. The magic/heist film has grossed $203.5 million outside of North America and $320.8 million worldwide. 

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