GLOBAL: 'Catching Fire' Scorches Past $500M, 'Gravity' Crosses $600M, 'Thor: The Dark World' Hits $400M Overseas

on December 01, 2013

cf.pngThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire crossed the half-billion dollar mark this weekend after raking in $92.5 million. The sequel posted a $11.5 million debut in France, three times the gross of the original, and put up a $6.2 million bow in Italy as Catching Fire continues to spread around the world. The Hunger Games sequel has now grossed a total of $573 million worldwide, becoming the tenth film of 2013 to cross the $500 million at the global box office. The film's overseas performance has contributed $276.4 million to its global tally. The top markets for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are the United Kingdom ($35.3M), Germany ($24.5M), Australia ($22.2M), Russia ($19.6M), Mexico ($16.5M), Brazil ($14.1M), and France ($11.5M). The film will open in India on December 6 and in Japan on December 27.

Gravity continued to rise and added $25.4 million from 54 territories over the weekend. The sci-fi film is a hit in China where it finished its first 13 days in the market with a strong $55.6 million cume. Other top markets for the film include France ($45.7M), the U.K. ($36.8M), South Korea ($28.7M), and Russia ($21.2M). Gravity has grossed a total of $365.6 million overseas and crossed the $600 million global mark this weekend with a $615.3 million worldwide cume.

Germany and Spain were the only major players in Frozen's day-and-date roll out, as the film also premiered in smaller territories like Switzerland, Israel, Portugal, Lebanon, Czech Rep, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Trinidad. The film opened to $6.8 million (including previews) in Germany and posted a $3.4 million first-place finish ahead of Catching Fire in Spain. Frozen expands to France, the U.K., Russia Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Thailand by next weekend. Frozen grossed a total of $16.7 million in its day-and-date release across 16 overseas territories. The strong performance of Frozen in North America pushed the film to a $110 million global total in its opening frame.

Thor: The Dark World crossed the $400 million mark outside of North America. The Thor sequel grossed $12.2 million in its fifth weekend to reach a $404.2 million overseas total. Thor: The Dark World is on the cusp of hitting $600 million worldwide with a $591.1 million global total. The original Thor film collected a total of $268 million overseas, giving the sequel a 51% advantage over its predecessor with Japan still remaining on the release schedule for February 1, 2014.

The top markets for Thor: The Dark World are China ($50.6M), Russia ($35.6M), the U.K. ($30.9M), Brazil ($26M), Mexico ($22.9M), France ($22.1M), South Korea ($21.1M), Australia ($20.3M), and Germany ($20M). The Thor sequel has now surpassed the lifetime global cume of Iron Man ($585M) and is presenting a 32% improvement above its predecessor's $449 million worldwide total.

The Counselor took competitive openings in Germany and Spain as it added another $5.8 million to its overseas tally. Spanish audiences were eager to see the latest English-language drama starring Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, helping the film reach a $1.4 million third-place finish. The Counselor enjoyed a $1 million fourth-place bow in Germany. Top overseas markets for The Counselor are France ($4.9M), Japan ($4.2M), and the U.K. ($2.8M). The Counselor has grossed $54.8 million worldwide.

A $588K debut in Mexico and $517K bow in Brazil helped Bad Grandpa add another $2.5 million to its overseas tally this weekend. The film has grossed $36.5 million from 27 overseas territories and saw a limited release in both its new Latin American territories, where it only played in a combined 338 screens of the region's two biggest markets. Bad Grandpa is now clear of the $100 million global mark with a worldwide cume of $135.3 million.

Turbo finally inched its way across to the $200 million mark overseas. The animated film reached the milestone after holds in France ($208K), the U.K. ($150K), and Belgium ($115K) bumped the film up to hit its mark. The film has grossed a total of $283 million worldwide.

Epic has a fourth place opening in China after a $3.2 million debut across 2,080 screens. The animated film has now grossed $158.2 million overseas and $265.7 million worldwide.


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