GLOBAL: 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' Hits $205M

on December 15, 2013


Sunday Update: Warner Bros. reports that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is up to $131.2 million overseas, pushing its global total to $205M.

Key stats from WB:

Germany - Took 64% of the top 5 market share, ranking as the biggest opening of 2013 with €13.2m (US$18.1m) from 1,460 screens. HDOS already qualifies for a Bogey Award for achieving more than 1,000 admissions per site. Opening results surpassed The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by 14% (€11.5m), excluding previews.

The UK: With a 61% share of the top 5 films in the market and nearly quadrupling 2nd placed FROZEN, the opening results are excellent at £9.5m (US$15.6m) from 1,495 screens. This is on par with the. Fri-Sun opening results for HAUJ (£9.5m).

Scandinavia: Strong numbers at a cumulative $15.6m, roughly on par with the opening of HAUJ at $15.8m. Sweden pulled in the lion's share at an excellent SK39.7m (US$6.1m) from 431 screens.

France: Outstanding €10.6m (US$14.6m) with 1.35m admissions from 909 screens, doubling results of 2nd placed FROZEN. Opening results outpaced HAUJ by 13% (€9.4m).

Korea: Fantastic opening at KRW 7.6m (US$7.2m) from 806 screens, pulling in 50% more than 2nd place local opener WAY BACK HOME.

Rest of Asia: Outstanding results with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Thailand taking $13.2m and collectively outpacing HAUJ by +18% ($11.2m)!

Spain marked the biggest weekend in 2013, grossing €5.15m (US$7.1m) from 859 screens and garnering 60% of the top 5 market share. 3D results are 85% of HDOS (€6.1m), which is excellent considering the current economic climate.

Italy: Opening tally is €3.8m (US$5.2m) from 680 screens, doubling 2nd place local opener UN FANTASTICO VIA VAI.

Brazil: With a 70% share of the top 5 films in the market, opening results are excellent at R$11.5m (US$5.0m) from 1,009 screens, surpassing HAUJ by +16% (R$9.9m).

Holland: Biggest opening weekend in 2013 at €2.2m (US$3.0m) from 220 screens, including sneaks, on par with HAUJ (€2.2m).

Mexico: Dominating the market with a 72% share of the top 5 films, opening numbers are strong at Ps. 75.4m (US$5.9m) from 2,640 screens, outperforming HAUJ by +9% (Ps. 68.9m)

New Zealand: 4 day opening gross of NZ$2.0m (US$1.7m) from 201 screens, which is on par with HAUJ's record breaking showing last year (Thu-Sun NZ$2.0m).

Upcoming key releases: Russia (18 Dec), Australia (26 Dec), Japan (28 Feb), China (TBA)


Saturday: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug brought in $29.3 million with over 3 million admissions from 15,950 screens in 49 markets on Friday. The Friday numbers are 5% above those of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and bring The Desolation of Smaug to a $53.35 million overseas cume as the film enters Saturday.

The United Kingdom is off to a hot start after grossing $4.7 million from 1,495 screens, taking 71% of the top 5 films in the market.

Germany added $4 million from 1,460 screens on Friday, taking its two-day gross to a $7.4 million total. The film is already 35% ahead of its predecessor at the same point in time of release.

The film posted the highest opening Friday of the year in Spain with $2.3 million from 859 screens and taking 67% of the top 5 market share.

The French numbers continued to rise with a $2.15 million Friday with 200k admissions from 909 screens. The Desolation of Smaug has grossed $6.4 million after three days in release in France, 10% ahead of An Unexpected Journey.

Brazil saw a $1.5 million debut from 1,009 screens, outperforming its predecessor's Friday opening by 4%.

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