GLOBAL: 'Pompeii' Erupts Overseas; 'The Hobbit' Posts $32.7M Bow in China; 'RoboCop' Hits $100M Overseas; 'Monuments Men' Cashes In From Expansion; 'Frozen' On Track to $1B Global

on February 23, 2014

robocop.jpgPompeii took a $32.8 million global day-and-date opening this weekend. The film's soft debut in North America, where it only managed to gross $10 million, is somewhat mitigated by a $22.8 million bow from 37 international territories.

Top performers for the disaster/period film include South Korea ($3.6M / 561 Screens), France ($2.3M / 301 Screens), Brazil ($1.5M / 351 Screens), Italy ($1.4M / 425 Screens), and Mexico ($1.3M / 531 Screens).

A big $32.7 million opening weekend in China boosted The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug to a $637.1 million overseas cume. The Hobbit took over the Chinese market by claiming first place from approximately 5,500 screens. It is the biggest 3-day opening for a Warner Brothers film in the market and is already outpacing the first Hobbit film by 74%. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has grossed $893.7 million worldwide and will open in Japan on February 28.

RoboCop reached the $100 million overseas mark after adding $17.7 million from 75 markets. The sci-fi action flick took first place in director Jose Padilha's home country of Brazil. Russia was the top hold-over with $1.6 million in its second weekend, bringing the local cume up to $8.4 million. RoboCop has grossed a total of $143.6 million worldwide.

Monuments Men expanded to 29 additional markets, bringing in $13.6 million from 5,153 screens across a total of 48 markets. The expansion boosts up the film's overseas tally to $26.5 million. A #1 opening in Spain with $1.97 million set a trend among top markets. Monuments Men posted a #3 finish in Germany with $2.3 million to become the biggest opening weekend for a George Clooney directed film in the market. Russia opened at #4 with $1.1 million. The U.K. recorded a good hold in its second weekend, dropping 32% from its debut for a #3 finish with a $1.8 million weekend and $6.6 million local cume. Monuments Men expands to 10 new markets next weekend, including South Korea and Argentina. Monuments Men has grossed a total of $84.4 million worldwide.

Frozen is on track to become the next $1 billion film. The Disney release reached $980.3 million worldwide this weekend after adding $9 million from 39 territories. Frozen ranks at #19 among the highest grossing films worldwide of all time. Globally, it is the second highest grossing animated film of all time and the highest grossing original IP animated release of all time. 

Top markets for Frozen include South Korea ($72.8M), the UK ($62.9m), Germany ($47.7M), France ($42.5M), China ($36.2M), Russia ($33.3M), and Australia ($30.6M).

12 Years a Slave opened in fourth place in Italy with $1.3 million from 297 screens and took a $522k bow from 68 screens in the Netherlands. The film also expanded to Latin America, where it opened to $534k from 163 screens in Mexico and $337k from 77 screens in Brazil. The new markets helped the Oscar contender gross $6.4 million over the weekend. 12 Years a Slave has grossed a total of $78.9 million overseas from 58 markets and is currently reporting a $127.4 million global total.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman took $5.3 million from 2,489 screens across 6 markets, taking its overseas total up to $22.4 million. The film has held very well in the United Kingdom, where it registered a $2.7 million hold from 975 screens in its third frame -a 17% bump from last weekend that gives it the weekend's #2 spot. Mr. Peabody & Sherman has grossed a total of $17.1 million in the United Kingdom. The film will expand to 14 additional markets next weekend, including Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

The Book Thief added $1.5 million from 1,516 screens in 28 markets. The film has grossed a total of $36.4 million overseas and $57.4 million worldwide. Brazil and Spain continue to be the film's hottest markets, with cumes of $5.2 and $6.5 million respectively.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit posted a $1.4 million hold from 1,340 locations in 38 markets over the weekend, bringing the overseas total to $78.1 million. Top holds for the spy thriller include Japan ($638k Weekend / $3.1M Cume), France ($205k Weekend / $4M Cume), Spain ($140k Weekend / $2.1M Cume), and Brazil ($100k Weekend / $1.7M Cume). The film has grossed $127.4 million worldwide.

Endless Love added $1.3 million from 1,240 dates in 25 territories. The film has grossed a total of $6.5 million overseas and $26.7 million worldwide. The film will expand to Russia and Ukraine on March 6.

47 Ronin grossed $1 million from 1,700 dates across 22 territories over the weekend, bringing its overseas total to $106.7 million. The film has grossed $145 million worldwide.

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