'Divergent' Ranks Among Fandango's Biggest First Day Advance Ticket-Sellers

on March 06, 2014


The official release from Fandango:

Advance tickets for "Divergent" went on sale on Fandango yesterday, and even though the action-adventure film doesn't open until March 21, it sold nearly half of the site's tickets for the day (outselling the next biggest seller for the day by nearly 5 to 1). Its first days of sales are outpacing the first ‘Twilight' movie at the same point in the sales cycle, thereby ranking "Divergent" as one of Fandango's top opening-day sellers for an advance ticketing wide release.

"'Divergent' is off to a fantastic start," says Dave Karger, Chief Correspondent for Fandango. "Its first-day ticket sales are showing all the signs of a blockbuster in the making. Veronica Roth's gripping story combined with effective marketing have resulted in a movie with strong want-to-see sentiment among its core audience."

According to Fandango's 2014 Hot List survey, "Divergent" is one the top five most anticipated movies of the year, and the film's co-star Theo James was voted by moviegoers as one of 2014's "Biggest Break-Out Movie Stars."

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