OVERSEAS: '300: Rise of an Empire' Claims $87.8M Opening from Day-and-Date Release

on March 07, 2014


SUNDAYThe 300 franchise enjoyed a great weekend overseas with the release of 300: Rise of an Empire in 58 markets. The film took a commanding $87.8 million debut since its initial mid-week roll-out with nearly 12.1 million admissions on 14,478 screens, tracking ahead of its predecessor by 10%.


The film posted a healthy haul from IMAX screens, setting a new March record with $5.2 million from 179 screens. The previous record holder in March was John Carter, with a figure under $4 million. Top overseas IMAX performers include the Netherlands ($63k per-screen average), France ($55k PSA), and South Korea ($43k). The film will finish the weekend with a $12 million IMAX global cume, the second best result for a March results behind Alice in Wonderland.  


Russia leads new openers with a $9.2 million bow from 1,441 screens, finishing as the top film at the box office with a dominant 45% market share.


France enjoyed a $7.2 million debut with 681k admissions from 454 screens (including previews) and registered the top per-screen average in one of the world’s most diverse and competitive markets.


Rise of an Empire claimed first place in South Korea with a $6.5 million debut from 720 screens.


300 Rise of an Empire opened to $5.8 million (including previews) from 795 screens in Brazil, becoming the industry’s biggest March opening of all time in the country. It also marks the fourth highest 16-rated opener for Warner Bros. in Brazil.


Mexico took off with  $5.5 million from 2,047 screens. 


Germany enjoyed a $5.3 million debut from 582 screens (including previews), claiming 44% of the top 5 market share.


The United Kingdom posted a first place finish with $4.8 million from 955 screens, also taking 44% of the top 5 market share.


Spain responded with a #1 finish after grossing $3.7 million from 611 screens and capturing 54% of the top 5 market share.


Italy opened in first place with $3.4 million from 471 screens.


300 Rise of an Empire took a robust $3 million opening from 894 screens in India, the third biggest opener of all time for Warner Bros. in the market and the fourth biggest debut for an MPA film.


Australia brought in $2.8 million from 467 screens, finishing the weekend in first place.


The film posted the second biggest opening of all-time for an 18-rated Warner Bros. film in the United Arab Emirates after collecting $1.4 million from 61 screens, garnering 65% of the top 5 market share.


300: Rise of an Empire finished its day=and-date global debut with $132.8 million. The film will open in Japan on June 20.


SATURDAY UPDATE300: Rise of an Empire crossed the $50 million mark worldwide heading into Saturday. The franchise seems to be reignited with strong global interest after crossing the $30 million mark overseas from Wednesday-Friday grosses. The film enters Saturday with a $32.8 million cumulative overseas total and a $17.7 million cume from North America.


Friday was a great day for the film as it expanded to 25 overseas market. Friday overseas grosses amounted to $20.2 million from 14,400 screens across 58 markets.


Overseas Highlights - Friday:


United Kingdom: $1.6M / 955 Screens / 44% Top 5 market share


Russia: $1.5M / 1,441 Screens / $2.8M Market Cume


South Korea: $1.46M / 900 Screens / $2.1M Market Cume


Mexico: $1.4M / 1,780 Sceens / 63% Top 5 market share / 3rd biggest March opening of all-time


Brazil: $1.3M / 795 Screens / 56% Top 5 market share


Germany: $1.25M / 582 Screens / 46% Top 5 market share / $2.6M Market Cume


Spain: $1.1M / 611 Screens / 67% Top 5 market share


France: $1.07M / 454 Screens / $4M Market Cume


Australia: $626k / 467 Screens / $1.2M Market Cume 


Italy: $600k / 471 Screens / $1.1M Market Cume


Taiwan: $400k / 170 Screens 


Greece: $322k / 167 Screens / 92% Top 5 market share / $693k Market Cume



FRIDAY UPDATE: 300: Rise of an Empire hit the ground running overseas. The action film has grossed a total of $12.1 million from 32 markets after only two days in release, including a strong $9.5 million Thursday haul from a total of 1,083 screens. The film occupies the top spot in 29 of its current markets. 300: Rise of an Empire expanded to 25 additional markets on Friday, including the UK, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil.


Germany took a $1.4 million opening day from Thursday, claiming first place from 592 screens and 50% of the share among the market's top 5 releases despite an 18-rating.


Russia enjoyed a $1.3m bow on 1,441 screens, dominating the market with a first place finish and 73% share of the top 5 films.


France added $1.15 million in its second day, a 16% dip from its Wednesday debut, to reach a $3 million total in its first two days on the market. 


South Korea claimed the top spot with $918k from 651 screens.


Australia posted a $534k bow on 466 screens, taking #1 with 58% of the top 5 market share.


Italy opened to $508k on 471 screens, finishing first with 45% of the top 5 market share.


Greece took $371k from its opening in 166 screens, posting the biggest opening day in the market in nearly 3 years. 


Singapore posted the biggest opening day for a film with an M18 rating, grossing $203k in its debut. 


The UAE grossed  $486k from 40 screens, marking the second biggest WB opening of all-time and the biggest for an 18 film. 


The film became the biggest WB opening of all time in Lebanon with an $80k bow.


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