GLOBAL: 'Captain America' Takes $75.2M Debut Ahead of North American Release; 'Noah' on the Verge of Hitting $100M; 'Frozen' is the Top Animated Film of All Time; 'Rio 2' Takes Record Breaking Brazilian Debut to Climb to $29.7M

on March 30, 2014

capamericalongrange.pngKEY POINTS:

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes $75.2M debut from 32 territories ahead of its North American release.

- Noah posts big opening weekend numbers in North America and Russia to finish the weekend on the verge of hitting the $100 million global mark.

  • Frozen becomes the highest grossing animated film of all time with a $1.072 billion global cume.


    - Rio 2 records the biggest opening weekend of the year in Brazil.

    - The LEGO Movie hits the $400 million mark worldwide.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier rolled out in 32 territories ahead of its North American debut, claiming the global box office crown for the weekend with a massive $75.2 million bow. The opening figure is all the more impressive when considering the film has just opened in around 57% of the overseas market place, with key markets like Russia, China, Japan, Brazil and Australia still on the horizon. Top openings came in from South Korea ($10.9M), the United Kingdom ($10.7M), Mexico ($8.7M), and France ($6.4M).

    The $75.2 million overseas debut is already 39% of the overseas theatrical total of the first Captain America film. Disney reports “considerable daily increases” for the film across numerous markets, suggesting strong audience satisfaction and positive word of mouth.

    South Korea’s $10.9 million bow is more than four times the original Captain America opening and is the third biggest ever Marvel weekend in the market. The United Kingdom enjoyed a $10.7 million opening, more than twice the opening figures for its predecessor in the market. The film posted an $8.7 million debut in Mexico, making it the #3 March/April weekend in the market’s history behind Marvel’s The Avengers and Iron Man 3.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier expands to North America, Russia, Australia, and China next weekend.

    Noah packed in $33.6 million from 3,579 locations locations in 22 markets this weekend to reach an overseas cume of $51.1 million. The film’s $44 million debut in North America puts it at the cusp of reaching the $100 million mark worldwide with a $95.1 million total.

    "We are absolutely thrilled with the continued strong performance internationally and look forward to sharing the excitement over the coming weeks with the rest of the world,” said Anthony Marcoly, President of Paramount Pictures International, over email on Sunday. “Darren and team have delivered a fantastic film that audiences on every continent are turning up in volumes to see."

    Russia welcomed Noah with the biggest opening of all time for a non sequel and the #4 opening of all time in the market with a $17.2 million debut. It marks Paramount’s biggest ever opening in the market. The film’s opening weekend numbers in Russia are 181% higher than Inception and 165% above Gravity in the same market.

    Australia took a $4.3 million debut from 262 cinemas, 32% ahead of Gravity’s opening weekend results. The film gathered $27.4 million from 20 new territories this weekend.

    Mexico was the top hold-over with $3.4 million from 620 sites, down 40% from last weekend’s opening figures and bringing the local 10-day total up to $11.3 million. South Korea took $2.8 million from 578 cinemas in its second weekend, finishing its first hold in second place behind the opening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The total in South Korea is up to $12.4 million.

    Noah expands to Germany, Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom on April 4. It will reach France on April 9, Italy on April 10, and will land in Japan on June 13.

    Rio 2 posted the biggest opening weekend of the year in Brazil and the biggest box office debut for an animated film of all time in the country after earning $7.3 million from 1,271 screens. The animated sequel slid down to second place in Russia with a $6.3 million hold from 2,478 screens, finishing its second weekend in the territory with a $21 million cume. Rio 2 expands to nine markets next weekend, including the UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Taiwan.

    Mr. Peabody & Sherman earned $17.8 million from 10,715 screens in 63 markets over the weekend, bringing its total outside of North America up to $123.9 million. The animated film took a $7.75 million debut from China and registered a positive $3.4 million bow from 460 screens in Australia. The animated duo posted strong holds in Spain ($1.2M / 427 Screens), Russia ($658K / 521 Screens), and France ($456k / 495 Screens) round out another good weekend for the Fox release. Mr. Peabody & Sherman has grossed a total of $218.7 million globally.

    Need for Speed didn’t open in any new markets over its third weekend in release, finishing its latest frame with a $13.3 million overseas tally. The racing film has now grossed a total of $130.4 million overseas and $168.1 million worldwide. China is on track to double the film’s North American gross, currently reporting a $57 million cume for the videogame adaptation. Russia is the film’s second biggest overseas market with $13.2 million.Need for Speed opens in Spain on April 4, France on April 16, South Korea on April 17, and Japan on June 7.

    300: Rise of an Empire brought in $8.8 million from more than 6,100 screens in 65 overseas markets in its fourth weekend. The film has now grossed a total of $213.1 million overseas and $314.2 million worldwide. Russia remains the top market with $17.4 million, followed by strong showings in Brazil ($16.2M), France ($14.5M), Mexico ($14.3M), Germany ($12.8M), South Korea ($12.5M), and the UK ($12.4M).

    Frozen is now the highest grossing animated film of all time with a $1.0274 billion worldwide total. The Disney film reached the summit after taking $398.4 million from North America and $674 million overseas, including an $8 million weekend from its latest overseas tally across 17 territories. Frozen is Walt Disney Studio’s seventh billion-dollar release in the studio’s history and the first billion-dollar film for Walt Disney Animation Studios.

    Frozen made headlines after taking the biggest Thanksgiving debut of all time in North America debut ($93.6M five-day, $67.4M three-day) before going on to finish in the top ten of its domestic market for 16 consecutive weekends, the longest run by any film since 2002, on its way to winning the Best Animated Feature Oscar.

    Frozen is the biggest Disney or Pixar animated film of all time in 27 territories, including Russia, China, and Brazil. A record breaking $77.1 million run in South Korea has made it the is the biggest animated film, the second biggest non-local film, and Disney’s biggest release of all time in the market. Frozen is also the highest-grossing animated film of all time in Denmark and Venezuela.

    Top overseas markets for Frozen include South Korea ($77.1M), UK ($64.4M), Japan ($50.5M), China ($48.9M), Germany ($48.1M), and France ($42.6M).

    The Monuments Men discovered another $7.8 million from 6,698 screens in 15 markets over the weekend. The film has now grossed a total of $72.1 million overseas and $148.5 million globally. The George Clooney directed ensemble piece enjoyed a $4.9 million opening from 4,000 screens in China. The film continues to hold up well in its third weekend in France ($1.1M / 613 Screens / $8.3M Cume) and Australia ($1.1M / 341 Screens / $6.1M Cume).

    The Grand Budapest Hotel earned a $7.5 million haul from 2,592 screens across 29 markets over the weekend. The Wes Anderson film has now reached a $45 million total overseas, a 170% improvement over the director’s previous top grosser overseas, The Fantastic Mr. Fox. South Korea posted a surprising 71% bump in business over last weekend, grossing $1 million from 233 screens to reach a $1.8 million cume in the market. The UK stays strong with a $1.5 million hold from 449 screens, finishing the weekend in third place behind Captain America and the Muppets and taking its local total up to $13.2 million. Other top markets for the film include France ($9.4M) and Germany ($5.2M). The Grand Budapest Hotel has grossed $69.4 million worldwide.

    Spanish comedy Ocho Apellidos Vascos continues dominating its local box office. The film posted its third consecutive weekend in first place with a $7 million tally from 475 dates. The latest weekend figure is 15% ahead of last weekend, 79% above its opening weekend, and occupies 49% of Spain’s market share –more than doubling the opening numbers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Ocho Apellidos Vascos has grossed a total of $21.8 million in Spain after 17 days in the market.

    Muppets Most Wanted added $3.3 million its overseas tally this weekend, reaching a $7.5 million cume from 14 territories. The Muppets sequel has already grossed $40.7 million worldwide.

    The LEGO Movie grossed $2.6 million from over 2,400 screens in 49 markets. The animated film is now up to $152.2 million overseas. The UK is the sole overseas market above the $15 million mark, currently reporting a robust $52.5 million cume. The film has failed to gained traction outside of North America. The LEGO Movie has grossed a total of $400.5 million worldwide.

    The Book Thief took a #2 debut in Italy, grossing $1.4 million from 408 screens. The film finished the weekend with $2 million from 11 markets to take its overseas total up to $51 million and its global total to $68.4 million.

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty earned $978k from 580 screens in Japan to take its cume in the market up to $5.9 million. The Ben Stiller film has grossed a total of $126.8 million overseas and $185 million worldwide.

    Ride Along added $820k from 320 dates in 10 territories and raised its overseas total to $14.5 million. The comedy posted a good hold in Australia after last weekend’s positive debut in the market, finishing its second weekend with $584k from 128 dates for an 11-day total of $1.7 million. Ride Along expands to Ukraine on April 10 and Germany on April 24. The film has grossed $148.1 million worldwide.

    Endless Love grossed $615k from 220 dates in 5 territories to reach an overseas total of $9.1 million. Germany took a limited release debut of $565k from 182 dates, breaking into the last spot on the country’s top ten chart.Endless Love has grossed $32.5 million worldwide. The film will open in 9 more territories, including Chile, Czech Republic, and Peru on April 24 and South Africa on April 25.

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