GLOBAL: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Breaks 'Avatar' Record as Fox International's Biggest Overseas Debut of All Time

on May 25, 2014

dofp.pngA $261.78 million haul in a day-and-date opening around the world puts X-Men: Days of Future Past front and center on the global box office stage. None of the films in Fox's X-Men franchise have reached the $500 million global mark at the box office, a streak that will likely be broken with the latest installment of the mutant superhero franchise. The X-Men cross-over sequel scored the highest global opening weekend of any film in the franchise and eclipsed Avatar as the biggest Fox International opening weekend of all time.The film's day-and-date debut also accounts for the biggest global opening of 2014.

The film nearly doubled its North American box office figures overseas, where it collected a $171.08 million haul in its debut.

Market Breakdown

- Only 5% behind Titanic 3D bow.

-Ÿ Biggest X-Men opening ever
South Korea
-Ÿ Fox's biggest opening of all time (beating Avatar)

Ÿ - Biggest MPA opening in 2014

- Fox's second highest opening ever (only behind Ice Age 4)
Ÿ - Biggest X-Men opening ever
- Fox's biggest opening of all time (beating RIO 2)!
Ÿ - Biggest Industry opening in 2014
Ÿ - Biggest X-Men opening ever
Ÿ - #1 in the market, taking nearly 50% market share
Ÿ - Fox's biggest opening of all time

Ÿ - Fox's biggest opening of all time

Godzilla stomped through the $300 million mark worldwide after claiming$34.5 million from 13,700 screens in 64 markets, raising its overseas haul to $166.6 million. The monster movie has now grossed $315.3 million worldwide. Godzilla has taken in more than $34 million worldwide from IMAX screenings.

Top overseas performers include the United Kingdom ($4.3M Weekend / $19.3M Cume), Russia ($2.5M Weekend / $13.2M Cume), Mexico ($2.4M Weekend / $13.2M Cume), France ($2.4M Weekend / $9.8M Cume), Australia ($2.3M Weekend / $10.2M Cume), and Germany ($2.3M Weekend / $8.9M Cume)

Godzilla expands to China on June 13 and to Japan on July 25.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swung past the $675 million global mark this weekend, netting $11.2 million from 92 territories to raise its overseas cume to $489 million. The superhero sequel has grossed $676.1 million worldwide. Top markets for the film include China ($90.4M), the UK ($39.7M), South Korea ($33.7M), Mexico ($28.3), and Japan ($27.5M).

Neighbors brought in $8.2 million from 2,600 dates in 35 territories during its third weekend overseas. The film has now grossed $67.4 million outside of North America to reach a global cume of $181 million. The film continued to post strong holds in markets like the UK ($2.2M Weekend / $22.8M Cume), Germany ($1.8M Weekend / $12.1M Cume), and Australia ($1.7M Weekend / $13.6M Cume). The comedy will expand to 22 additional territories in the coming months. 

Frozen keeps on grossing overseas thanks to an incredible run in Japan, where the film has occupied the #1 spot for the 11th consecutive weekend. Frozen is now the biggest Disney film of all time in the market and the #4 film of all time in Japan with a market total of $193.7 million following this weekend's $6.7 million take. Frozen has grossed $818.7 million overseas and $1.219 billion worldwide.

Rio 2 collected $4.3 million to bring its overseas total up to $329.2 million. The film's consistent performance overseas has helped it reach a global cume of $450 million.

The Other Woman discovered another $3.8 million overseas this weekend, lifting its total outside of North America to $89.9 million. The comedy has grossed $164.6 million worldwide with six markets left on the schedule, including: Spain, France , Italy and South Korea.

Blended opened to $2.1 million from 750 screens in the UK and Germany, taking an early global cume of $16.3 million.

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