'The Fault In Our Stars' On Track To Smash All Twitter Records

on June 03, 2014


By Alex Edghill

Tuesday Morning Update: The Fault In Our Stars has taken Twitter by storm over the last few months and driven levels of buzz that have simply never been seen before. For instance its Sunday and Monday numbers here are by far the largest ever on record over the last five years. Its Monday number was almost double the next best, The Twilight Saga: New Moon's 94,789. Not that long ago I thought the Twilight tweet records were untouchable but the appeal of this film seems to be resonating with a massively wide female demographic which is very vocal about the film and their support/eagerness to see it. To put its 190k Monday into perspective, Divergent had just 54,315 on the same day before release. I think it is going to have no trouble besting New Moon's tweet record mark for the entire week given this start and regardless of how this translates to box office (though I have a hard time seeing this not break out massively), this level of interest means that John Green has become the new Nicolas Sparks and his other books and future books will be much sought after commodities by studios.

Edge Of Tomorrow was miles behind with 12,657 tweets on Monday, good enough for 6th spot on the day and up 70% from Sunday's 7,458 tweets. Tom Cruise has done very well in the Sci Fi arena over his career and while his appeal with the ladies has taken a hit in recent years his draw of males (albeit now skewing much older) remains strong. By comparison, Elysium had 2,176 tweets its Monday before release while Oblivion had 4,041 tweets. Edge Of Tomorrow did open in quite a few territories this past weekend which will serve to boost its numbers but I am still liking that it is pushing 10k tweets on Monday. Last time Cruise opened a film in June was Knight & Day which limped its way to $20 million over its first weekend. Given the change of genre and how well Oblivion did for Cruise I think $25 million should probably be the basement though there is definitely potential for something more if it continues to do well buzz-wise.

Star Wars: Episode VII had a couple of casting announcements (Lupita Nyong and Gwendoline Christie) which went over really well with fans of the franchise and then on top of that photos surfaced of the Millennium Falcon which is being built for the film. This was enough to give it a huge boost to upwards of 25,000 tweets. I can only imagine how huge the first trailer will be but it wouldn't surprise me if it becomes the first 200,000 tweet trailer.

Top 15 Movies for Monday June 2nd

Rk Film Sun Mon Sun-Mon %
1 (-) The Fault in Our Stars 176,846 190,400 7.66%
2 (-) Maleficent 144,062 107,723 -25.22%
3 (+28) Star Wars: Episode VII 340 26,260 7623.53%
4 (-1) 22 Jump Street 54,569 25,024 -54.14%
5 (-1) X-Men: Days of Future Past 20,550 19,982 -2.76%
6 (+1) Edge of Tomorrow 7,458 12,657 69.71%
7 (-1) Godzilla (2014) 7,896 8,100 2.58%
8 (-) Captain America: The Winter Soldier 7,016 6,679 -4.80%
9 (-4) A Million Ways to Die in the West 9,669 6,520 -32.57%
10 (+1) Transformers: Age of Extinction 3,992 6,341 58.84%
11 (-2) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 4,636 4,831 4.21%
12 (-2) If I Stay 4,071 4,459 9.53%
13 (-1) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 3,463 2,912 -15.91%
14 (+3) Guardians of the Galaxy 1,393 2,356 69.13%
15 (-) Avengers: Age of Ultron 1,843 2,271 23.22%

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