UPDATED: 'Jupiter Ascending' Claims Top Spot In China

on March 09, 2015


Sunday, 3/9/15 Update: WB now reports that Jupiter Ascending is up to $20.3 million since opening on March 5.

Sunday, 3/8/15 Update: Jupiter Ascending is finding its footing in China on the heels of a North American run that has been filled with snarky reactions from critics and paying movigoers alike as well as underwhelming box office returns. Sources report that Jupiter Ascending has raked in $16.2 million since opening on March 5. It's very possible that Jupiter's Chinese haul could pass North America's, which is currently at around $45 million and winding down quickly.

Other updated cumes from China: Big Hero 6 $36.8 million, The Man from Macau 2 $138.4 million, Paddington--which also opened on March 5--$5.17 million.

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