UPDATED GLOBAL REPORT: 'MI5' #1 Overseas Again as 'FANTASTIC 4' Falters; 'MONSTER HUNT' #2 All-Time in China; Dinos of 'JURASSIC WORLD' Rule in Japan

on August 09, 2015



Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice


Updated 8.10.15 w/ studio actuals


Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation soared to #1 overseas again this weekend adding $65 million from 58 territories. The fifth film in the MI franchise has grossed $156.2 million overseas and $263.9 million worldwide after two weekends of release. 


Among openers, India scored $6.5 million from 720 locations marking the 4th biggest opening ever for a Hollywood movie, Japan opened behind Jurassic World with $6.1 million, and Russia opened #1 with $5.3 million. Germany and Spain both opened on top with $3.2 million and $1.8 million respectively. Overall, the new openers were 33% ahead of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. 

Key holdovers include South Korea ($8.1M/$32.2M cume), UK/Ireland ($3.7M/$17.2M cume), Australia ($2.0M/$6.9M cume), and Mexico ($1.7M/$8.8M cume). Rogue Nation comes to 7 additional territories in the next few weeks with China opening September 8.


Fantastic Four opened day-and-date with North America in 46 overseas territories and grossed a soft $33.16 million. The critically-panned superhero flick earned $58.84 million worldwide in its opening frame. Top openings include Mexico ($5.3M on 2,232 screens, 130% above Rise of Planet of the Apes), UK/Ireland ($4.2M on 540 screens), France ($3.8M on 706 screens, +136% of Captain America), Brazil ($3.0M on 892 screens), Australia ($2M on 254 screens), the Philippines ($1.7M on 332 screens), Malaysia ($1.6M on 385 screens), and Singapore ($1.3M on 62 screens). Fantastic has opened in half of its final international footprint with Russia, South Korea, and Spain opening the weekend of August 20/21.


China’s monster blockbuster Monster Hunt devoured another $18.84 million (-40%) on the way to its fourth straight weekend atop the Chinese box office. The live-action/3D animated hybrid film has grossed $329.77 million and sits only behind Furious 7 ($391 million) on the list of China’s all-time highest-grossing films. The domestic film will benefit from an extended run that is rarely granted to imported films and could challenge Furious 7’s record. 


Minions passed the overseas lifetime cume of its parent movie Despicable Me 2 ($607.5M) this weekend with an estimated $19.5 million (-49%) from 59 territories, lifting the overseas total to $611.1 million and the global total to $913.9 million. Japan held strong this weekend with $3.0 million for a 9-day total of $14.4 million, and South Korea grossed $2.5 million for an 11-day total of $11.3 million. In Russia, Minions local currency gross of 1.773B Rubles is third only to Avatar (3.6B) and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (1.783B). Minions is currently the 5th highest-grossing animated film of all-time overseas and the 7th highest-grossing animated film of all-time worldwide with China still to release on September 13. 


With Jurassic World finally stampeding into Japan last Wednesday, Universal’s global blockbuster grabbed $15.1 million (+314%) from 63 territories this weekend and brought the overseas haul to $945.7 million and the worldwide total to $1.581 billion. It is now the 4th highest grossing film of all-time overseas. Japan opened #1 with $12.8 million from 353 screens.

Inside Out earned an additional $10.8 million (-40%) from 53 territories on its eighth weekend of overseas release, lifting the overseas total to $300.1 million and the worldwide total to $635.5 million. Top performing territories include UK/Ireland ($35.3M), Mexico ($30.8M), South Korea ($30.2M, #3 all-time highest grossing animated release), France ($23.7M), Australia ($22.7M, #3 all-time highest-grossing Pixar release), Japan ($20.5M), Russia ($19.0M, #2 all-time highest-grossing Disney/Pixar animated release), Argentina ($19.0M), Spain ($15.1M), and Brazil ($13.9M). Slovakia and Thailand open next weekend.


To The Fore, a sports drama about road cycling, opened to a solid $9.76 million in China this weekend. Combined with Thursday evening previews, the film from HK director Dante Lam has grossed $11.62 million

Ant-Man hauled in an estimated $9.2 million (-54%) in its fourth weekend of overseas release from 50 territories. The Paul Rudd-led Disney/Marvel superhero flick has now grossed $178.9 million overseas and $326.3 million worldwide. Both France (-39%) and Germany (-45%) held well this weekend. Top markets include UK/Ireland ($22.4M), Mexico ($14.1M), Brazil ($12.1M), France ($11.3M), Russia ($11.0M), Taiwan ($10.5M), Australia ($10.2M), Hong Kong ($6.7M), Malaysia ($6.6M), and the Philippines ($5.3M). Ant-Man burrows into Italy on August 12, South Korea on September 3, and Japan on September 19. 


Pixels continues to freeze at the international box office, grossing just $9.23 million (-53%) this weekend from 75 territories. The Adam Sandler-led family action film has grossed $73.64 million overseas and $125.8 million worldwide. Mexico, Pixels top international market, grossed $959K from 801 screens for $10.2 million total after 3 weekends of release. Pixels hits start in UK/Ireland on August 12, Australia on September 10, Japan on September 12, and China on September 15.


Trainwreck opened in 9 overseas markets this weekend and grossed $5.3 million from 15 total territories. The comedy has grossed $6.1 million overseas and $97.1 million worldwide. Australia opened #1 ahead of Fantastic Four with $4.5 million included previews which is on par with Knocked Up. Next weekend will see 11 territories releasing including Germany, Spain, and the UK/Ireland.


Ted 2 grossed an estimated $3.6 million (+2%) from 43 overseas territories this weekend. The disappointing sequel from Seth McFarlane is up to $85.4 million overseas and $166.5 million worldwide. France opened in second place with $2.1 million on 404 screens, 9% below Ted’s opening weekend. Ted 2 opens in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Netherlands, Paraguay, and Uruguay next weekend and on August 28 in Japan.


Paper Towns found $2.8 million this weekend from 48 overseas territories, lifting the overseas total to $31.31 million and the global total to $60.13 million. Spain opened to #3 in the market with $502K on 361 screens. France and UK/Ireland open next weekend.


Southpaw scored $2.46 million this weekend bringing its overseas gross to $14.79 million and its worldwide total to $55.45 million after three frames. The UK/Ireland fell off just 30% to take in $1.23 million on 416 screens and has grossed $8.9 million total.


Films with $2 million or less overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)

Magic Mike XXL - $1.65 million/$49.8 million/$114.91 million

The Little Prince - $1.61 million/$6.44 million/$6.44 million

The 33 - $1.609 million/$1.609 million/$1.609 million

Terminator: Genisys - $1.4 million/$233.8 million/$322.3 million

The Gallows - $0.953 million/$15.4 million/$37.76 million

Pitch Perfect 2 - $0.822 million/$100.2 million/$284 million

Insidious: Chapter 3 - $0.771 million/$67.1 million/$119.27 million

Spy - $0.358 million/$124.6 million/$234.07 million

Woman in Gold - $0.308 million/$21.64 million/$54.91 million

Ahora o Nunca - $0.114 million/$8.66 million/$8.66 million

Nut Job - $0.052 million/$56.63 million/$120.89 million

Love & Mercy - $0.021 million/$2.2 million/$14.46 million

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 - $0.019 million/$36.23 million/$107.33 million

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