GLOBAL REPORT: China Redeems 'TERMINATOR: GENISYS'; 'MINIONS' #3 All-Time Animated Film Worldwide Nears $1B

on August 23, 2015



Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice


Terminator: Genisys jumped back into the #1 spot at the overseas box office thanks to China and its love of all things Schwarzenegger. The fifth and no-longer final installment in the Terminator franchised pulled in an impressive $26.6 million from its Sunday opening which included $2.12 million from midnight shows. That gives Genisys the fourth highest-grossing opening day on the Mainland behind Transformers 4, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Furious 7. Genisys opened on 42% of China’s screens and bowed with 49K showtimes. Overall, the film has grossed $264 million overseas and $353.1 million worldwide. 


Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation took in $25.2 million (-45%) from 63 territories in its third frame of overseas release this weekend. The Tom Cruise-led action film has grossed $280.8 million at the international box office and $438.563 million worldwide. Rogue surpassed Mission: Impossible’s international total and ranks third behind MI:2 ($331M) and MI: Ghost Protocol ($485.3M). China opens on September 8.


Fantastic Four grossed $16.2 million from 65 territories this weekend. The Fox superhero bomb has grossed $80.8 million overseas and just $130.4 million worldwide after 3 weekends of release. Venezuela ($3.8M), Russia ($2.5M), and Spain ($1.1M) all opened at #1 in their respective markets. Other openers include South Korea ($1.96M), India ($1.0M), Ukraine ($217K), Chile ($207K), Egypt ($75K), and Slovenia ($10K).

Inside Out opened in several SE Asian territories and Norway this weekend and grossed $10.7 million (-6%) from 60 total overseas territories. The Pixar original is up to $347.5 million overseas and $689.924 million worldwide. Among openers, the Philippines bowed in first place and registered the biggest Disney/Pixar opening ever in the market (the specific gross wasn’t provided by Disney). Inside Out is the 5th highest grossing Pixar release worldwide behind Up ($731.3M). Next up is Italy on September 16 and Germany on October 1. China has yet to set a release date. 


Minions grossed $8.8 million (-41%) across 57 territories this weekend, lifting the overseas cume to $669.4 million and the worldwide gross to $989.4 million. The global hit is now the 3rd highest-grossing animated film of all-time worldwide behind Toy Story 3 ($1.0632B) and Frozen ($1.2742B). Minions will open in China on September 13 and could gross $150M+ pushing the Universal and Illumination Entertainment film into 2nd all-time.


Hitman: Agent 47 opened day-and-date to $8.5 million in 20 smaller markets, opening #1 in 7 of them including Malaysia ($1.3M), Thailand ($782K), Singapore ($630K), Puerto Rico ($228K), Greece ($81K), Jamaica ($31K), and Indonesia (unreported). Combined with NA’s opening weekend, the action flick grossed $16.7 million worldwide in its opening frame. Hitman opens in France, UK/Ireland, Germany, and Brazil next weekend.


The Man From U.N.C.L.E. grossed $8.0 million this weekend from 39 overseas markets, bringing the international total to $26.0 million and the worldwide total to $52.64 million. Among openers, the UAE launched with $684K on 58 screens. For holdovers, Russia leads ($1.5M/$6.0M cume) followed by UK/Ireland ($1.3M/$5.3M cume), Australia ($649K/$2.3M cume), Spain ($388K/$1.6M cume), and Germany ($333K/$1.3M cume). The Cold War-era spy flick opens in Italy on September 2, Brazil on September 3, Mexico on September 4, and France on September 16.


Vacation drove off with $6.9 million from 37 territories this weekend. The R-rated comedy has earned $15.5 million overseas and $67.78 million globally. Australia opened in the top spot with $1.2 million on 299 screens. Other openers include UK/Ireland ($893K), France ($616K), Germany ($597K) and Spain ($477K). Vacation opens in Russia next weekend and in Brazil on September 10.


Jurassic World continued its excellent run in Japan this weekend and grossed $5.7 million (-23%) at the overseas box office. Japan has earned a 17-day total of $48 million. Universal dino blockbuster is the 4rd highest grossing film of all-time overseas with $983.3 million and the 3rd highest-grossing film of all-time worldwide with $1.62 billion.


Paper Towns located $4.8 million this weekend thanks to a $3.2 million #1 opening in the UK/Ireland from 481 screens. The teen mystery/drama has grossed $42.6 million overseas and $73.75 million worldwide. 


Trainwreck earned $3.6 million (-50%) from 29 territories this weekend for an overseas total of $19.9 million. Combined with its impressive NA run, the R-rated comedy has grossed $122.3 million worldwide. Australia placed #3 in in its third week for $352K and a 17-day total of $8.1 million. The UK/Ireland grossed $273K for a 9-day total of $3.1 million. There are still 21 more territories to open with Egypt, Finland, Hungary, Lebanon, Netherlands, Peru and the Philippines opening next weekend.


Ted 2 is still eking out some dough overseas, grossing $3.0 million (-46%) for a $98.4 million international total and a worldwide cume of $179.6 million. The R-rated sequel opened on top in Panama and Central America. Ted 2 has only grossed a third of its predecessor’s $550 million worldwide total. 


Ant-Man carried off with $2.9 million (-48%) from 51 territories in its sixth weekend of overseas release. The diminutive Marvel superhero has now grossed $196.5 million overseas and $361.024 million worldwide. It is currently the second-lowest grossing film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of The Incredible Hulk ($263.4M WW) but behind Captain America: The First Avenger ($370.6M WW). Ant-Man opens in South Korea on September 3 and in Japan on September 19. A China release date has still not been confirmed.


Films grossing less than $2 million overseas this weekend + local language films (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)

Go Away, Mr. Tumor (China) - $12.8M/$66.1M/$66.1M

Bride Wars (China) - $8.9M/$23.5M/$23.5M

Monster Hunt (China) - $6.6M/$364.6M/$364.6M

El Clan (Argentina) - $2.8M/$8.3M/$8.3M

Brothers (India) - $1.2M/$17.2M/$17.2M

The 33 (Chile) - $1.0M/$4.2M/$4.2M

The Little Prince (France) - $0.611M/$8.4M/$8.4M

Straight Outta Compton - $0.15M/$0.17M/$111.65M

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