China Box Office Weekend Report: 'LOST IN HONG KONG' Passes 'THAILAND'; Low-Budget Comedy 'GOODBYE MR. LOSER' Surprises

on October 05, 2015


Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice

Three high-profile local films entered Chinese cinemas this week but were unable to knock last weekend's victor Lost in Hong Kong (港囧) off its perch. The holiday weekend's box office totaled ¥790.9M ($124.4M), 5% below last weekend's haul when Hong Kong debuted to record numbers.

Lost in Hong Kong, the sequel to 2012's breakout comedy hit Lost in Thailand (泰囧), earned $41.9 million from ~131,600 showtimes this weekend. The film has grossed $209.2 million after just 10 days of release and surpassed its predecessor on Sunday to become the highest-grossing 2D Chinese-language film of all-time. In addition, Hong Kong is 1% ahead of the 10-day total for Monster Hunt (捉妖记), China's highest-grossing film of all-time. Hong Kong did lose ground however, falling a pretty steep 60% from its opening weekend amid strong competition. In comparison, Monster Hunt had a sub-40% drop in its second weekend of release and maintained average weekly drops of 40% throughout its 2-month long record run so early predictions that Hong Kong could challenge Monster Hunt's record should be put to rest.

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (九层妖塔), an FX-driven action/adventure film grossed $34.8 million from ~115,700 screenings to take second place and has earned $69.3 million since opening Wednesday. After narrowly edging out Hong Kong on its opening day, Ghostly Tribe has seen steady daily drops of 16%, even placing third behind Goodbye Mr. Loser (夏洛特的烦恼) and Hong Kong on Sunday. The film is based on a popular novel about tomb raiders and has scored well in third- and fourth-tier cities despite overwhelmingly poor reviews.

The surprise hit of the National Day Holiday, low-budget comedy Goodbye Mr. Loser pulled in $30.2 million over the weekend from just ~80,000 showtimes for a 5-day total of $42.0 million. The film from the comedic theater troupe Kaixin Mahua (开心麻花) has followed a trajectory unlike Hong Kong and Ghostly Tribe, steadily increasing since its opening day much like this summer's Monkey King: Hero is Back (西游记之大圣归来) which went on to surprise everyone with $154 million. Mr. Loser's unexpected success seems to have affected Hong Kong's longevity since the two films share a similar core demographic and starting Sunday Mr. Loser will easily overtake the much higher-budgeted blockbuster in daily grosses as well as screen percentages.

In fourth place, Saving Mr. Wu (解救吾先生), a crime thriller starring HK actor Andy Lau earned $7.8 million from ~40,000 showtimes. Even though its total won't turn heads, Mr. Wu has remained rock steady throughout its 5-day debut thanks to stellar reviews and has grossed $15.0 million.

Rounding out the top five, Minions held very strong despite several new local animations, dropping just 17% for $4.0 million from ~19,000 showtimes. Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment's film has now grossed $65.6 million in 22 days and ranks behind Ice Age 4, Big Hero 6, and Kung Fu Panda 2 as the 4th highest-grossing Hollywood animated film of all-time in China.

The rest of this weekend's top ten can be found below with data from China's State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT).


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