GLOBAL REPORT: 'Hunger Games' Catches Fire Overseas, 'Martian' Claims $50M China Debut, 'SPECTRE' Spies $750M Worldwide

on November 29, 2015


By Daniel Loria

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 grossed $62 million over the weekend, including a $4.1 million debut in Spain -its only remaining market. The final entry in the Hunger Games franchise has earned $242.2 million from 92 markets after 12 days of release. Top performers include the UK ($7.8M Weekend / $29.2M Cume), Germany ($7.5M Weekend / $25.2M Cume), and China ($2M Weekend / $21.8M Cume). The film has grossed $440.7 million worldwide.

The Martian is on top of the world thanks to a strong 5-day $50.1 million debut from 4,848 screens in China. The Chinese release is 139% ahead of Gravity's 6-day opening gross and 158% ahead of Interstellar's 5-day debut. IMAX screenings in China contributed $6.6 million from 249 dates for a $27k per-screen average. The weekend's total overseas haul amounts to $51.3 million. The Martian is now Ridley Scott's best performing film of all time at the overseas box office with $326.5 million to date. The film has grossed $545.1 million worldwide. Japan is the film's final remaining market, where it will release this upcoming February.

SPECTRE impresses once again with a $30.4 million weekend from 93 markets. Germany leads the weekend's hold-overs with a $4.6 million haul from 1,172 screens over its fourth frame to reach a $57 million cume. Other top weekend performers include France with a $4 million weekend from 902 screens in its third frame and an $28.6 million cume; the United Kingdom with $3.3 million from 1,246 screens in its fifth frame for a $136.3 million cume; Australia with $2.4 million from 580 screens in its third frame and an $18.4 million cume; and China with $2.3 million from 4,230 screens in its third weekend for an $83.4 million cume. SPECTRE has grossed a total of $573.5 million overseas in just 5 weeks. The latest James Bond film currently stands at $749.6 million.

The Good Dinosaur launched in 39 territories this weekend, earning $28.7 million in its first round overseas. Top markets include the UK ($4.3M), Mexico ($3.6M), France ($3.2m), Argentina ($2.2M), Russia ($2.1M), Italy ($2M), Spain ($1.8M), and Germany ($1.4M). The Good Dinosaur finishes its first weekend with $84.2 million worldwide.

Victor Frankenstein collected $10 million from 24 oversea markets, led by a $2 million debut from 1,277 screens in Russia. Other top openers come from Latin America with Mexico ($1.8M), Venezuela ($1.1M), and Brazil ($601k) leading the pack. Victor Frankenstein has a long road ahead to salvage its poor performance in the North American box office; the challenge begins next week with 15 new markets, including the United Kingdom. Victor Frankenstein finishes its first weekend with a global haul of $13.4 million.

Bridge of Spies enjoyed a big European expansion over the weekend, discovering $7 million from 44 markets. The UK leads new openers with $2.5 million from 612 screens, followed by Germany's $915k from 504 screens. Bridge of Spies has grossed $27.5 million overseas and $95 million worldwide.

Universal continues breaking record, achieving the highest box office of all time for a single company over a year in Spain following the successful release of local hit sequel Ocho Apellidos Catalanes. The film held on to gross $5.7 million at 394 dates in its second weekend, reaching a total of $17.6 million over its 10-day run -already making it the fifth highest grossing title of the year in Spain.

Hotel Transylvania 2 added 7 markets this weekend and a total of $4.7 million from a combined 75 markets. Australia was the weekend's top opener with $1.8 million. The animated sequel has grossed $269.9 million overseas; top performers include the UK ($29.8M), Mexico (23.9M), Venezuela ($21.8M), and China ($18.7M).

Black Mass adds another $3.5 million to its overseas haul. The film has now grossed a total of $27.5 million outside of North America. The UK was the weekend's top opener with $1.9 million from 532 screens, followed by France with $1 million from 275 screens. Top performers include Italy ($2.5M), Russia ($2.2m), Germany ($2.1M), and Australia ($2M). Black Mass has grossed $90 million worldwide. The film expands to Japan, its final market, on January 30.

Creed began its international in 7 smaller territories with a combined $2.26 million. Australia is the biggest of the bunch with $1.22 million earned from 188 screens, followed by the United Arab Emirates ($333k from 56 screens) and New Zealand ($100k from 46 screens). The Rocky spinoff will continue its expansion throughout December and January. 

The Visit welcomed $1.9 million following its debut in its final five markets this weekend. The film opened at #3 in Italy ($980k at 242 dates), #5 in Russia ($319k at 415 dates), and #5 in Brazil ($264k at 180 dates). The Visit has grossed $30.1 million outside of North America and a total of $95.2 million worldwide.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse brought in $480k from 16 markets this weekend, reaching a $10.3 million overseas cume. The global total stands at $14 million.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension adds $438k from 35 markets to reach a $59.2 million overseas total. The film has grossed $77.5 million worldwide.

Steve Jobs took in $410k from 19 territories, reaching a $6.1 million overseas cume. Half of the overseas gross is coming from the UK & Ireland. Steve Jobs has grossed $23.8 million globally.

By The Sea grossed $390k from 19 territories, reaching a $1.1 million cume. The film continues its international run in limited release, adding 10 markets this weekend that include Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, and the Netherlands. Australia performed best out of the group with a $105k haul at 51 dates, followed by Hong Kong's $53k at 9 dates. The film expands to Brazil and Peru next weekend.

Crimson Peak is winding down its theatrical run overseas, grossing $330k from 38 territories over the weekend. The film fell flat in South Korea, where it opened at #9 with $224k at 221 dates. Crimson Peak has grossed $42.9 million overseas and $74 million globally. Japan, the film's final market, opens on January 23.


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