Facebook Watch - 'Now You See Me' Works Its Magic

on February 22, 2016


By Alex Edghill

Monday Morning Update: Now You See Me 2 led all upcoming films in new Facebook likes over the past week with 127,520. The main impetus here was the release of new character posters for the film earlier in the week which got a lot of traction online, especially with Facebook. Considering the first film had just 218,428 new likes  on the day of its release this was a hefty hike over the past week. The first grossed over $350 million worldwide.

My Big Fate Greek Wedding snagged a close second over the past week with 124,390 new likes, giving it the largest percentage increase in the top ten of 31.7%. The original film was one of the most profitable films ever made and remained in the top 20 for almost an entire year without ever actually reaching #1. 14 years have past since the first film and while it is unlikely that it will be able to come close to replicating the success of the first film (really no other film has come close to its legs since then), these numbers show that it still has a lot of clout with moviegoers. Over 120,000 likes in a single week for a romantic comedy is a strong number, to put it into context a little The Choice had under 150,000 likes on the day of its release in total.

Of the remaining films standouts include Allegiant which has started to generate a lot more buzz in recent weeks after running at sub 50% of the last Divergent films for much of the earlier part of the year. 

Zootopia also continues to impress, especially considering that its an animated film. Its total might seem skimpy but it stacks up very well to recent animated non-sequels including both Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, both of which it is trending ahead of on Facebook. We at BoxOffice.com have this pegged as an early star for 2016 with a $50 million+ opening.

Facebook Top 10 Movies by Like Increase for the last week Ending Sunday February 21st

Rank Release Movie Likes Change % Change
1 06/10/16 Now You See Me 2 1,911,620 127,520 7.15%
2 03/25/16 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 516,680 124,390 31.71%
3 03/18/16 The Divergent Series: Allegiant 5,542,885 84,758 1.55%
4 02/26/16 Gods of Egypt 343,103 70,060 25.66%
5 04/22/16 The Huntsman: Winter's War 4,417,899 65,638 1.51%
6 08/05/16 Suicide Squad 1,719,769 46,052 2.75%
7 03/04/16 Zootopia 265,692 32,390 13.88%
8 05/27/16 Alice Through the Looking Glass 15,752,604 26,038 0.17%
9 07/01/16 The Purge: Election Year 2,590,515 24,665 0.96%
10 03/04/16 London Has Fallen 525,093 24,373 4.87%

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