Everyman Media Group Selects Vista As Technology Partner

on May 20, 2008

Having proven the potential of their unique brand at their iconic Hampstead site, Everyman Media Group is set to take the concept to seven new venues, following their acquisition of independent circuit Screen Cinemas, and beyond into their quickly developing UK site pipeline starting with Hammersmith in 2010.

The Everyman brand is distinguished from other cinemas by its club-like feel and attention to service. Everyman recognises the important role technology has to play in providing second-to-none customer service, and a unique offering to their customers. “At the core of Everyman is a strong drive for innovation and creativity; VISTA are perfect partners to join us in our quest to push the boundaries and set new standards in this business sector’’ says Everyman founder and CEO Daniel Broch.

Having used Vista’s software at the three-screen Hampstead venue for several years, Everyman faced a strategic decision in their choice of software to use as they evolve to a circuit. The ability to take Vista’s base cinema product, and complement it with additional modules such as Head Office, has meant that Everyman Media Group have been able to easily transform from an independent cinema exhibitor to a highly innovative circuit.

Everyman Media Group will be utilising Vista’s extensive product range to enhance their service offerings, with waiting staff using Vista’s handheld PDA product MobilePOS to take customer food & drink orders at their seats. With MobilePOS operating on a wireless link to the network, preparation & delivery information is sent straight through to the bar, freeing the waiter to move right on to take the next customer’s order.

Vista’s Loyalty module will also be used to run Everyman Media Group’s pioneering new style of membership scheme. This will include membership offers that change each month, and a reward to encourage members to introduce their friends to the scheme. The ability of the software to deliver on Everyman’s original and innovative loyalty requirements is testament to the flexible and highly configurable nature of Vista software.

Everyman Media Group is leading mobile phone ticketing charge in the UK, with plans to be the first cinema exhibitor in Britain to use Vista’s exciting new MobileCinema. MobileCinema allows customers to view movie sessions, choose seats and purchase tickets directly from their mobile phones. Vista and Everyman are working closely to bring this ground breaking new sales channel to the UK cinema industry.

“Everyman has created a unique and personalised experience with their cinema club concept. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the Everyman team as they move ahead with their exciting plans for growth.” Derek Forbes, Vista European Operations Manager.


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