Landmark Theatres Introduces Living Room™ Auditorium to Dallas’ Classic Inwood Theatre

on May 20, 2008

Landmark Theatres today announced the grand opening of its newest Living RoomTM Auditorium at Dallas’ Classic Inwood Theatre. This unique auditorium - the first and only one of its kind in Texas - will give audiences an unparalleled movie-going experience just in time for summer’s most anticipated film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which opens at the Inwood on May 22 at 12:01am with a special midnight show.

Working in partnership with the LoveSac® Furniture Company, Landmark completely re-invented the first-floor auditorium of the Inwood with a variety of unique seating options including couches, loveseats, chairs and ottomans, as well as the original LoveSac. A private bar also was added, allowing patrons to purchase cocktails and soft drinks without ever leaving the auditorium.

Landmark Theatres first introduced the Living RoomTM auditoriums in their Los Angeles flagship theatre, The Landmark, where they won widespread acclaim from audiences.

“It’s a completely unique concept and a movie-lovers’ dream come true,” CEO Ted Mundorff said. “Guests will feel like they are in their own screening room. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to provide patrons with the perfect afternoon or evening out, not just at the movies, but as an overall entertainment experience.”

This is the second time Landmark Theatres has renovated the historic Inwood Theatre. When Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban bought the Landmark Theatres chain in 2005, they modernized the seating, technology and amenities while staying true to the history and beauty of the original, which opened in 1947.

The much-loved Inwood Lounge, Dallas’ best martini bar, was also incorporated into the theatre, allowing patrons to take their drinks with them into the auditoriums. With this new renovation, guests will be able to enjoy their drinks in the plush Living RoomTM Auditorium, as well as the upstairs auditoriums, which will retain their stadium-style leather lounge seating. Landmark consistently strives to deliver the best and most innovative amenities to compliment the terrific films they showcase.


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