Screenvision Renews Exhibitor Partnerships with Classic Cinemas, Uptown Entertainment and Studio Movie Grill

on March 17, 2010

New York, NY - Screenvision, the leading innovator in cinema advertising, has signed long-term extensions with regional exhibitors Classic Cinemas, Uptown Entertainment, and Studio Movie Grill. Through these deals, Screenvision furthers its position in important DMA markets such as Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and Houston.

"Our partnerships with Classic Cinemas, Uptown Entertainment, and Studio Movie Grill demonstrate Screenvision's ability to provide advertising, technology and entertainment solutions that add real value to exhibitors across the country." said Darryl Schaffer, Executive Vice President, Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision. "These chains are strong in markets such as Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and Houston all of which are important for our network and I am delighted they have renewed with us."

Based in Downers Grove IL, Classic Cinemas has been a long-term partner with Screenvision. Within this deal, Screenvision will retain representation of Classic Cinemas' exclusive on-screen preshow selling rights under the new deal, as well as the non-exclusive promotions rights. As part of the deal, Screenvision will also be upgrading the circuit's digital preshow equipment.

Uptown Entertainment, based in Birmingham, MI, controls 3 locations with 24 screens, all in the Detroit DMA. As part of the new agreement, Screenvision will retain the exclusive selling rights to the on-screen preshow and take over the exclusive third party selling right for promotions. It will also be responsible for digitizing all screens integrating the Sony 4K digital cinema projectors.

Based in Dallas, TX, Studio Movie Grill -- a cinema eatery with full service dining within the theatre auditoriums -- controls locations and screens within the Dallas and Houston DMA. Studio Movie Grill also has two new locations planned for 2010, each in key markets: Atlanta and Kansas City. Through the agreement, Screenvision will have exclusive rights to the entire on-screen preshow, and the exclusive third party selling right of promotions. It will also digitize the entire Studio Movie Grill network.


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